Retro is a popular sports game developed in 2020. It is a sports game that simulates American football. The game has gained popularity since its launch due to its unique gameplay, graphics, and cool features.

In the game, you take on the role of a coach and are responsible for managing your team, making strategic decisions, and leading them to victory. You start the game with a team of inexperienced players, and your goal is to build them up into a championship-winning team.

The graphics of Retro are simple and retro-style, which aligns with the game's overall theme. The graphics are reminiscent of classic 8-bit games, which adds to its charm. The game's colour scheme is vibrant and eye-catching, making it visually appealing.

Retro's gameplay is straightforward to learn. The game is played in a top-down view, and the controls are intuitive. You move your players around the field, passing or running the ball to score points. The game has a stamina system, meaning your players will tire out if you use them too much, so you must manage your team carefully.

Cool features

Retro has several cool features that stand out from other sports games. Here are some of the game's most notable features:

  • Training system: You can train your players to improve their skills and become better athletes.
  • In-game currency: The game has a currency system that allows you to purchase new players, upgrade your team's facilities, and more.
  • Multiple difficulty levels: The game has several difficulty levels, ranging from easy to hard, which allows you to tailor the game to your skill level.
  • Customizable team: You can customize your team's name, logo, and colours to make it unique.
  • Playoffs and championships: The game has a playoff system where you compete against other teams to reach the championship game and win the Retro Bowl.
  • Leaderboards: You can compete against other players on the game's global leaderboards and see how you rank.

More games like Retro

Take a look at some other similar games to Retro that you might like:

  • Madden NFL Mobile: Another popular football game that simulates the NFL.
  • NBA 2K Mobile Basketball: A mobile version of the popular NBA 2K franchise.
  • Super Stickman Golf 3: A fun and addictive game with retro-style graphics.

Tips on playing Retro

Here are some tips to help you play Retro more effectively:

  • Manage your players' stamina carefully to avoid fatigue.
  • Train your players regularly to improve their skills.
  • Invest in your team's facilities to improve their performance.
  • Make strategic decisions based on your team's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Use the in-game currency wisely to purchase new players and upgrades.


Suppose you enjoy sports and have a flair for retro-designed games. Retro is just the one. Its graphics are very captivating, alongside very stimulating gameplay. To go at this fun game, log on to the game's website and play away.