Egg shockers is a unique game that revolves around a first-person shooter (FPS) perspective. The major character you will be seeing in this game are eggs. You will control the eggs in a multiplayer fighting match in the game. There will also be an arsenal of guns available for you to use in fighting to the finish. All you need to do is stay alive and avoid enemy fire from touching you and your eggs.

This egg-themed game is one of a kind in the niche of tactical shooting. You can customize your character and the way it appears. There is a series of game modes that you can use in your gameplay. The important thing is that you stay alive throughout the action-packed game. Your eggs are also a key part of the game, and you must do all you can to protect them.

While protecting your eggs, you need to pay attention to the eggs of your rivals and do as much damage as possible to their eggs. This will also give you points as the game continues. The game options you can choose include the free for all deathmatch, where everyone stands for himself, or the team vs. team game, where you would have to join a team and fight against another team.

In the team game, the goal is to get the spatula (usually a flag in other FPS) from the other team and bring it to your team’s base. You can select from 6 types of eggs as a player. You will find the eggsploder, crack shot, scrambler, whipper, ranger, and a regular soldier. All these eggs have different roles to play in the game.

Eggsploder blows things up, crack shot functions as a sniper rifle and can give you secrecy, and the other classes also come with their different roles. There are other weapons you can use to end your rivals; shotguns, automatic rifles, machine guns, etc., are some tools that you can make use of to cause damage to your rivals and their eggs. You can play around with the different weapons to know which is best in the different situations you will find yourself in the base gameplay.


What Is So Spectacular About Egg Shockers?

  • It comes with different characters that can be modified
  • It allows for different weapons to be used
  • The 2 modes which the game comes with (death for all and team play)
  • The unique theme of the game revolves around eggs
  • The first-person shooter game is fast-paced

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Tips To Be A Top Egg Slayer

This egg-slaying game is a fast-paced first-person shooter. You would need all the speed you can gather if you are to last long in the gameplay.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the following tips are what you should have in mind when you want to interact with this eggcelent game.

  • Know who you are fighting with and the kind of egg the person possesses. Each egg comes with different roles, and knowing this would help you in determining your strategy.
  • Make sure to always position yourself on the map well. If you are to use a sniper, look for a location that will also help you with stealth.
  • Always make sure you have enough bullets in your arsenal.
  • Be on the lookout for egg cartons around you so you can use them as an alternative weapon when you are low on ammo.
  • Be very vigilant, as your enemy can come from any angle.

To Sum It All Up

Egg shockers is one game that everyone should play regardless of age grade. It is fun and can be a great pastime for the family.