Watermelon is a whimsical and engaging casual puzzle game developed and published by South Korea's Q-SSUM STUDIO, known for their expertise in crafting delightful games like Candy Pang, Fruit Pop, and Puzzle Land. Released on November 23, 2023, for Android devices, Watermelon offers a refreshing twist on traditional puzzle mechanics, inspired by the Japanese game Suika Game.

At its core, Watermelon challenges players with a simple yet addictive premise: merge fruits to create larger versions, with the ultimate goal of creating the colossal watermelon. This tactile and visually rewarding process involves dragging and dropping fruits into a container, where they bounce, roll, and, upon contact, merge into bigger versions. The game's intuitive touchscreen controls are complemented by the ability to tap and rotate fruits, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay.

Players can indulge in two distinct game modes. The Classic Mode is an endless playground where the game continues until no more fruits can fit in the container. For a more structured challenge, the Challenge Mode sets various missions to complete, such as achieving certain scores, creating a number of fruits, or advancing through levels. Each world in Watermelon, like the Monkey Land and Candy Land, boasts unique themes and backgrounds, adding a rich variety to the game's aesthetics and challenges.

While Watermelon is a single-player journey, it doesn't skimp on rewards and achievements. Players earn coins and stars for their accomplishments, which they can spend on helpful power-ups or unlocking new fruity delights. The in-app purchase system offers additional coins and stars, enhancing the game's progression and variety.


The game's graphics and sound design are noteworthy. Watermelon sports a vibrant, cartoonish visual style, with a color palette that's as diverse as it is cheerful. The smooth animations and minimalistic design ensure that the focus remains on the gameplay. Complementing this visual treat is a catchy, upbeat soundtrack that changes with each world, enhancing the overall experience.

Its user-friendly UI makes Watermelon stand apart. Clear icons, buttons, and words make gaming easier. Tutorials and recommendations accompany the UI design, helping new and experienced players through the game.

Watermelon supports Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German for non-English speakers. The game is accessible worldwide. The game's difficulty gradually increases as players move through levels and planets, without changeable settings.

In conclusion, Watermelon by Q-SSUM STUDIO is a delightful addition to the casual puzzle genre. Its simple yet deep mechanics, charming visual and sound design, and varied gameplay modes make it an excellent choice for puzzle enthusiasts. Whether you're in it for a quick session or a prolonged puzzle-solving spree, Watermelon offers a refreshing and enjoyable experience, exclusive to Android users.