Grand theft auto: vice city is popularly called GTA: Vice City, and sometimes GTAVC. This is an action-packed video game that happens to be the fifth installment in the GTA series and the second installment in the 3D Universe specials of the series. This game revolves around the protagonist- Tommy Vercetti, as he goes on his way to become the major criminal in Vice City. All of the events happening in the game follow that storyline.

The game's setting is Vice City, Florida, in the 1986 era. In Vice city, then, there was an excessive ghetto lifestyle reflected in the game. You will also find the blitz aspect that starts from the beach, beautiful houses, and beautiful offices. However, this does not last, as you can find yourself in the swamps at any moment.

Don't forget the full hair, pastel suit, etc., that comes with this era. All of that is placed in the game as well. In all of the city settings, you can now take your time to explore and protect yourself from getting killed. Once you can last till the end of the game, you will be able to take over the city and handle it as you please.

Do not forget to hijack as many cars as you can find. That is part of the game anyway, so do not go hijacking cars in reality. The fun part of it is stealing antique cars, not just the regular ones you would find on a normal day. There are more than 120 cars that come from that era that would be available for you to steal.

Of course, you can not steal these cars without the appropriate weapons to help protect you against invasion from police or enemies. So, you have up to 40 weapons of different standards to assist you in your dirty work. You might be interested to know that these cars come with stereos which give you access to a collection of available songs for up to 9 hrs of gameplay.


What Is So Spectacular About GTA: Vice City

  • The storyline is captivating
  • The game is action-packed and stands as one of the greatest action games of all time.
  • It is an open-world game and is very popular
  • The shooting, fast driving, looting, etc., give it a special characteristic that cannot easily be seen in other games
  • GTA Vice city can be played online

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Tips To Be A Top GTA: Vice City Player

GTA: Vice City is a fun-filled game. However, it is effortless to get frustrated when it seems like you have not gotten the hang of what the game needs you to do.

The following might help you as you journey through Vice city and get all the cars you desire:

  • Keep purchasing assets as many times as you play the game. This will help you to get access to unlock the last level of the game.
  • If you need money to buy a weapon, you can easily earn money by jumping over parking meters, especially those around prawn island. You might want to pay attention to that.
  • Avoid swimming as you sign your death warrant with your hands.
  • If you need free weapons, pay attention to the hidden packages on the map. You will have access to body armor, flame throwers, miniguns, rhino tanks, etc.
  • Use the side missions to earn rewards and pay close attention to the police c ar vigilante mission to last longer in the game and protect yourself, respectively.

To Sum It All Up

GTA: Vice City is one game that every gamer who loves action games should experience at least once.