If you love playing games and beating the crap out of your friends, and wouldn’t mind being the best among your rivals, then it is time to be brutal. This is a multiplayer game where you would have to maneuver the mechanics of a vehicle with a circular flail. Your role is to increase this flail whilst bringing brutal damage to other players.

Once the flail of your rivals touches you, it will end your life in the game, and you would have to start all over. However, if the opposite happens, you have got yourself a win to your streak of wins. You can control your character using a controller or an In-game Item. In a few trials of the game, you will be able to maneuver your way around the strategies you might consider making use of.

For you to cause damage for other players, your flail needs to be very big and keep increasing in size. Your flail will come in a size that would start off in a minuscule form. As you gather more and more crystals that you'll find all over the map, your flail grows and becomes bigger in size.

As you continue in the game, you'll discover more powerful weapons and monsters to fight against. You can also join up with other players to form teams and battle against other players in local multiplayer games. If you're looking for a new and exciting way to spend your time, don't miss out on this amazingly brutal game.

The speed in this game requires you to be vigilant and that you move fast whilst at it. Be on the lookout for sudden flashes of areas with red. This can immediately end you when you touch it. The green shapes that come in the form of triangles can help you grow bigger in case you need to at any time. Bring forth the maximum amount of brutality you possess and win at each stage of the arena. Do not let your story come to an end.


What Is So Spectacular About Brutal.io?

  • It comes with HTML5 technology
  • It comes with an impressive setting.
  • You can play it online or against other players in local multiplayer mode.
  • You can control your character using a controller or an In-game Item
  • There are so many surprises to win, which all depend on individual strategies.

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Tips To Be A Top Brutal.io Player

If you want to be one of the most brutal people on the sands of time, you have to go all out and be all brutal in your approach with your enemies.

The following will help you to pull it off:

  • Always change your strategies when it comes to killing your enemies. The element of surprise should never be underestimated.
  • Practice as many times as possible to become faster and more accurate
  • Avoid coming into contact with the flail of other players. This will automatically end you.
  • Do all you can to touch other players with your flail so that you can end them.
  • Eat other players to be able to increase your flail and grow in size

To Sum It All Up

Brutal.io is a very interesting game, and if you are up for some action, then this is one game that would interest you.