In this game, you are a lonely Lord living in a medieval world. To create a fun world, you must build an empire for yourself. However, as a Lord, you can't stay in an ordinary house. Thus, you would need gold and other precious metals to complete your house.

You find out that other people are living around you who could be of help. The barbarians do not have anything to do, and they would be a good fit in your military outfit and help you complete the building. So you recruit them to become soldiers, archers, etc. Now your crew is large, and you have a fortress to protect.

After this, you discover that other lords are interested in taking down what you have built or even taking over from you. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to kill them to be able to protect your fortress and the precious metals you have gathered. Once you succeed in killing all the other lords, you could just make it to the position of king in

Once you have protected your kingdom, you must consider how to make money in the game. This is simple if you have taken the time to understand what the game is about. You can earn gold by collecting the coins manually to earn your keep in the castle. There are poor lords and rich lords. The rich lords are well protected against invasion because they build their mines on deposits.

If you feel quite brave, you can attack the other lords and make them do your bidding. You can also take the gold for significant rewards. These rewards include more advanced weaponry, the ability to hide, etc.


If you want to make any available rewards, you should play the game not just because you like the storyline concept. You should also join in making sure that all of the game mechanics are not controlled by a light of some sort.

What Features Make Stand Out From Others?

  • The ability to come together and build vast armies.
  • The gold mines that are ever abundant
  • Security that comes with the fortress
  • Smooth gameplay

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How To Play And Win

If you want to play this strategic game, you also need to blot out strategic ways that can help you be successful as you go along with the game.

Below are tips that you should keep close to yourself when you are at a crossroads and don't know what to do:

  • You should never stop collecting gold and mining it across the empire.
  • You need to attack the other lords and loot whatever they have acquired.
  • Ensure that you are well covered with security via your fortress to ensure that you can resist enemy attacks.
  • Utilize all your troops in the war against the leaders.

Our Last Take is a very enthralling game, and there is no doubt about that. Many players worldwide want to have the feeling of credit to the lord of the house. Thus, the game is one that they won't easily push aside. It gives some sort of powerful feeling to players, which they might not be getting in real life.