Gacha Club, developed by Lunime and released in June 2020 for Android, with subsequent launches on Windows and iOS, is the latest gem in the Gacha game series. Building upon the success of Gacha Life, Gacha Club isn't just a game—it's a creative platform where imagination meets gameplay in a vibrant, anime-style universe​​​​.

Gacha Club is a free-to-play RPG, but its gacha mechanism characterizes it. Inspired by Japanese Gashapon machines, this system offers a diverse selection of rare products and characters with distinct abilities. Gacha Club prioritizes aesthetics above RPG combat and linear plot. The Gacha Studio feature encourages creativity by allowing users to construct their own storylines and events.

The game targets a young audience, leveraging the appeal of the "chibi" art style—known for its charming, baby-like features—to draw in players. This style, combined with engaging game mechanics, makes Gacha Club a hit among kids and young teens​​.

Gacha Club boasts an extensive character customization system, arguably the most intensive in the casual RPG market. Players can design and personalize 10 main characters and 90 additional characters from over 600 poses. The customization extends even to pets, adding another layer of creativity and personalization​​.


The gameplay in Gacha Club is accessible and moderately challenging. Players can bring up to seven characters and ten pets into battle, engaging in combat that balances between automated and interactive. The combat system isn't overly complex, with an Auto-Battle mode for easier fights and a manual option for more challenging encounters, requiring timely skill use​​​​.

Gacha Club also features a variety of mini-games like Lemo & Yuni Dance and Mascot Whack, providing additional entertainment and opportunities to earn in-game currency and exclusive units​​. Furthermore, players can support the game and earn extra Gems through watching video ads, a feature that contributes to the game's sustainability​​.

In conclusion, Gacha Club is an RPG-based digital playground for creativity and narrative. Its appealing visual design, broad customization choices, and compelling gameplay make it a great choice for casual but creative gamers. Gacha Club is a unique and fun experience for all ages, whether you're interested in character design, narrative, or RPG adventure.