Among Us is a special social deduction videogame mixed with elements of science fiction and murder mystery. It is played online and is multiplayer-oriented, meaning that several people play it at once. The game was created by app developer Innersloth and was released for play in June 2018. The game's activities are run on the Unity Game Engine.

The main sources of inspiration for the Among Us game comes from two distinct places. One is the popular party game Mafia, with the other is a science fiction horror movie titled "The Thing". Following its release on many different platforms, including Nintendo, PlayStation, Android, iOS and last but not least, Xbox, Among Us was developed to allow and accommodate cross-platform play. With a solid internet connection, all devices can play the Among Us game regardless of whatever devices you use.

The Among Us game is played in four settings: a spaceship, an above-Earth base, a planet base, or an airship inspired by Henry Stickmin's designs. Each set has a crew of people, including up to about 3 Impostors who must sabotage the spaceship, base, or planet and eliminate the crew. All crew members, or Crewmates as they're called within the game, are required to finish the tasks they have been given, report the bodies of the other crew members who have died, and call an emergency meeting when they see another player acting suspiciously or incriminatingly.

Crewmates can Either finish their assigned chores or eject every impostor to win the game. Similarly, imposters might triumph in two different ways: either by eliminating or expelling all Crew Members or by compromising a crucial mechanism on the map layout (given the other players, Crewmates, cannot resolve it as fast as possible). Finally, players can also leave a game early if it meets any win requirements by doing so (when a Crewmate ends the game, the tasks given to them are automatically deemed completed).

The stunning and painstakingly designed audio for the Among Us VR experience is designed to promote drama and tension, and overt dread. The players' voices and footsteps are quite audible from where they originate. Even the sounds of nearby murders can be heard.


Amazing Features of Among Us

Among Us was released sometime in 2018 but did not get worldwide recognition until 2020. Nevertheless, it has become an internet buzz overnight, and it has its features to thank for that. Here's a quick list of the features that make the Among Us game popular and stand out.

  • Lots of Character customization features like skins, hats and visors.
  • The flexibility of each round's configuration.
  • The availability of the in-game Chat feature.
  • Fast-paced and Easy to understand before you play.
  • Simple Gameplay.

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Tips and Tricks For Playing Among Us io Game

Tip 1 - Remember to always remain within a group

Given that you want to avoid getting killed by Impostors, the best plan is to stay within a group of crewmates.

Tip 2 - Take Note of the last locations of the fresh kills and watch the vents

Keep in mind that all vents are connected, and the imposters can use them as escape routes. Study the new kills and track the last person to use the vents. Your trusted ally might just be the impostor.

Tip 3 - Make sure you vote in agreement with the group

Try to follow popular opinion in the group and vote out people by agreeing with most crewmates.


  • Is Among Us game available offline?

Among Us is a multiplayer game on the Internet. The game requires internet access as it is played online.

  • What platforms are Among Us available on?

The Among Us game is available on Windows, Android, iOs, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo platforms.

  • How many game modes are available on the Among Us game?

There are 5 game modes to pick from when playing Among Us.

Last Words

If you're a fan of murder mystery and space, this is a splendid game choice for you. Among Us comes built with many features that help it stand out. If you would like to get started, all you need to do is download the game.