Eggs Are Cool is a survival game developed by Blue Wizard Digital. This game allows multiple players and features eggs geared with guns. You can control just one egg and its weapon in the online game modes. The aim is to destroy your opponent with bombs and bullets. This is a superb online egg-shooting game.

Blue Wizard Digital developer gathers tons of unique and new eggs in the game arena. You can play any game mode or choose your best eggs to double the game's aesthetics and an indispensable egg that will aid you in defeating your opponent. All you have to do is defeat your opponent's eggs; in teams, you can still recognize your allies as they are named on each of the eggs.

Do not forget to dodge enemy bullets, depending on the map's landscape, and you can find where to aim at your opponent and hide and protect yourself.

Features Of Eggs Are Cool

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Awesome theme created around eggs.
  • Multiple game modes and weapons.
  • Customize your eggs and shop for the extra item.
  • Developed by the famous Wizard Digital (they were onetime Eggs and Diary Ministry of Belarus) and have also created other games like Basket Broa and Slashy Camp.

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How To Play Eggs Are Cool

The gameplay is seemingly easy to play, yet it is very interesting. To play effectively and win prizes, here are a few things to note before playing Eggs Are Cool:

  • Jump right in, pick your special character, personalize your egg with available items, and select one of four game modes. In Eggs Are Cool, you ought to strive to safeguard yourself and rain damage on your opposing eggs. Play every game mode one after another to test your ability to conquer the Eggs Are Cool arena

Tips And Tricks For Playing Eggs Are Cool

  • Be tactical with the way you play
  • Move quickly
  • Acquire egg ammo
  • Reason like an egg
  • Join one team, either blue or red, and compete against the other team until you (your team) can earn the highest score of defeated eggs.

Our Final Thoughts

Eggs Are is an incredible shooting game that is suitable for all ages. The .io game is free to play online, and you can access it on some smart devices. Eggs Are Cool is also ranked as one of the best and most famous games today due to its high clicks online.