is a unique epic battle royale game with 2D graphics and settings. The game was conceived and created by two game creators, Justin Kim and Nick Clark, and released on the 11th of October 2017. At the time of its initial release, was available for play only on desktop browsers but was later made available for Android and iOS devices as of November 2018. In September 2020, was also made available for macOS and Windows.

In 2019, was acquired by the online gaming website Kongregate and was known to constantly undergo upgrades and updates, with new features being added regularly to enhance gameplay. Unlike many other games featuring 3D graphics and settings, provides a much more relaxed and easy-to-manipulate feeling with realistic 2D graphics.

The game features the main character as a circular player model in an open grid. The entire city has been plagued by zombies that run into thousands. They abound all over the place and greatly outnumber the player. The main mission while playing the game is to wipe out the horde of zombies before they overpower and kill the player and, very importantly, before the time elapses.

After wiping out the zombies, a giant boss zombie appears at the end of the game. Wiping out this boss is the final way to complete and win the level. Then, as is common with battle royale games, the player must move around the open space and loot from structures and buildings. In the beginning, the player is only provided with a fist to fight with, but as they progress, they can then amass other gear and equipment from the surroundings.

The game might sound challenging, but provides ways to level the playing field with different weapons, skills, and level-ups available. As the player shoots down the zombies, the game rewards with gems that they collect and add up for the player. When the experience gems reach a certain amount, the player levels up. Leveling up makes available different skills for the player to upgrade to. There are three main skills available; Katana, Gatling, and Kunai. Each skill comes with different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, choosing the skill most suited to your fighting style and the mode played in is important.


Different weapons are available; some can be purchased in the game as the player amasses gems. In different modes, the player also picks up different gear and weapons during looting. Once the player gets killed, however, all the loot is lost.

Features of

-  Available on a wide range of devices. is available on various devices and is more highly compatible with older dated versions of devices than most other battle royale games.

- Offers in-app purchases. On, there are provisions for in-app purchases. These purchases help enhance gameplay but are, however, not mandatory.

- Unique visuals and graphics. The game employs 2D graphics that are pleasing and easy on the eyes. The characters are quite different from other battle royale games but remain easy to adapt.

- Easy gameplay and controls. The game features an overhead view and easy touch controls to move players in different directions. Simple touch tactics also control picking, loading, and using weapons.

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Handy Tips and Tricks For Playing

- Each skill unlocked will require learning and mastery to complete. Therefore, collecting as many experience gems as possible to level up is important.

- Loot as many weapons as you can from the zombies. This will help you not to become stranded.

Our Last Take is an awesome game, suitable for gamers of all ages. With satisfying graphics and sound effects, the player is relaxed and completely immersed in the game. The simple controls and unending gameplay with different amazing levels all provide a thrilling gaming experience that uniquely provides.