Shell Shockers is a fantastic first-person multiplayer shooter game with dynamic gameplay. It was developed and published by gaming company Blue Wizard Digital on the 1st of September, 2017. Shell Shockers is an io game available for play on browsers, the web, and mobile devices.

The experience of playing Shell Shockers has been described in several reviews as highly satisfying and a great way to pass the time and have fun. Although the game is more common among children and young people, Shell Shockers remains suitable for gamers.

The game is characterized by egg-shaped characters that the player plays. The egg character is heavily armed and ready to battle against the villains and opposing characters in the game. The player is mostly alone against a mass of other egg-shaped enemies, although the game can be enjoyed in multiplayer game mode with friends. The aim of the game differs from mode to mode, and the player is only victorious when the mission for the mode is completed. Shell Shockers also sport various levels in unique locations, backgrounds, and features.

The player can enjoy the basic Free For All mode, where they take on all the other eggs in the game until they are all wiped out. However, the enemies keep trooping in and surrounding the player from all sides, requiring swiftness and agility.

Another mode is the famous and exciting Multiplayer mode that increases the thrill by connecting and battling with or against friends. In Multiplayer mode, you can take on teams and battle against the opponent. The team that remains standing at the end of the mode wins.

Other modes include the Capture the Spatula mode, which aims to retrieve a spatula that enemies block. Successfully wiping out the enemies and recovering the spatula before the time runs out is essential. A King of the Coop mode also involves raiding and overcoming five rooster coops in the vicinity to become the king.


Amazing Features of the Game

Online Game: Shell Shockers is an online game that cannot be accessed offline.

Connect across distances. With Shell Shockers, you can connect to gamers worldwide on public servers and make friends. You can also build teams. Asides from that, you can create a private game room on a remote server to play with your friends. What's more, Shell Shockers provides a chat feature that enables players in a team or otherwise to connect and discuss on the internet.

Compete and keep track of your progress. You can compete for the top position on the leaderboard of Shell Shockers and try to outdo the highest scores.

Variety of unique weapons. With golden eggs earned during gameplay, the player can purchase any of eight different special guns and egg types, each with a specific capacity. With weapons like the Crackshot for accurate shooting or the Eggsploder for mass destruction, you can be sure to make the most of your gameplay.

Endless Customization Options. The game provides a touch of fun, amusement, and personalisation. The player is free to choose from a wide range of customization options; hats, scarves, skin colour, etc.

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Tips and Tricks For Playing Shell Shockers

  • Collect as many golden eggs as possible to stock weapons.
  • Use weapons for specific uses, for example, the Eggsploder, to wipe out a large mass of enemies.
  • Move the mouse in different directions to move the player about the field.
  • Follow the map provided to find enemies' locations and control your fighting.


Shell Shockers is the ultimate game of choice for all gamers, with its immersing and thrilling gameplay. Connecting and competing with friends across distances help increase the fun and can also be enjoyed singly by gamers who prefer playing solo. The game is highly compatible with a lot of mobile devices, PCs, laptops, and the like and is available for play without restrictions all over the world.