Build Royale is an action and survival game produced by Mathew Matakovic, developed by Rivet gaming LLC, and released in September 2016. The game can be played on both Android and iOS and is equally available on PCs, tablets, computers, and the like.

Build Royale is a survival game where the player finds himself against other random players and is engaged in a gunfight. The game's main goal is to be the last man standing, and the only weapon given to the player initially is a pickaxe. However, the pickaxe can only be used to mine materials like rocks, coal, wood for making tables, and other equipment to build a protective wall for defense.

The defense structure of the walls is primarily necessary to be able to escape the enemy's attack.

If the player does not wish to hide and desires to take down his enemies, he can attack others by gathering a great arsenal of weapons to attack his enemies, creating more weapons for himself in the process.

The player has to note that the game is in the middle of a poisonous ring, and as the game moves on, the ring continues to close in, leaving the player in a very tight spot. If the player gets closed in by the ring and is not done taking down his enemies, the game is terminated, and the player has to start from the beginning.

The weapons in the game are classified by their colors; the grey ones are common, the green ones are common, the blue ones are rare, the purple ones are epic, and the gold ones are legendary. In the game, the player has the right to loot his enemies after eliminating them and should always be on guard and ready to build whenever a bullet comes his way.

Amazing Features Of Build Royale

  • A huge map to play
  • Neat 2D graphics with a top-down view
  • Various scattered guns around the map
  • Building gameplay mechanism
  • Ability to be able to hide inside a building
  • Playable in full screen

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Tips And Tricks For Playing Build Royale

  • The player must always be on guard, and whenever a stray bullet comes his way, the player should swing his pickaxe. Almost everything in the battleground is destroyable, so whenever the pickaxe is swung, it hits an object, and a wall is built for protection
  • Whenever a storm comes, the player must quickly get back to the safety of his building. As the player moves, he experiences elevation changes. Instead of getting worked up trying to escape such changes, the player can build bridges to quickly get across
  • The player can also build to find hidden treasures and other loot that have been kept elsewhere. Sometimes these treasures are hidden in absurd and unreachable places, and the only way to get to them is by building.
  • When moving from one place to another, the player should try not to be in open spaces and should rather use other buildings, cliffs, and trees to hide to avoid being spotted by the enemies
  • The player should also note always closing the door whenever he enters any building to loot. This is because other players will also be attracted to old buildings and want to loot. Also, closing the door after you make it looks like nobody is in the building; that way, the player can easily sneak up and defeat other opponents.

Final Thoughts

Build Royale is an awesome and amazing game and a must-have for those that prefer action and survival games. Its amazing features will keep you glued to your seat and provide you with the best entertainment any game of its type can give.