is a fun fighting game where you must throw snowballs at all your many opponents to survive. It was developed by Geisha Tokyo Entertainment on the 25th of September, 2018, for iOS users. In November 2019, Snowball was made available for Androids, and finally, in January 2019, on Webgl. As of recently, the game is available on all platforms; iOS, Android, PCs, tablets, and the like. Since its release, the game has been reviewed and upgraded various times, the latest being on the 25th of August, 2022. Players are always looking for more new and exciting features for the Snowball game.

The gameplay of is quite straightforward, where the player has to throw snowballs at his opponents to survive. The player must quickly gather snow from the surroundings and throw it at the others to be the last man standing. Simple as it may sound, Snowball requires a great deal of agility and swiftness while also avoiding the disappearing ice platforms. The player also has to avoid getting hit by the other players. The game is terminated when the player gets hit, falls off the ice platform, fails to achieve the set goal within the given time-lapse and starts all over again.

When the player is done with each battle, he gets an award (XP) which will be used to acquire new skins and other exciting awards.

Amazing  Features Of Snowball.Io

  • Good graphics and Sound Tracks: One of the most notable features of is the clear and attractive visuals coupled with a high-beat soundtrack that complement the fun and fast mood.
  • Simple controls: io is very easy to control on PCs, tablets, Android, iOS, and the like. The game has very easy directions, and players can easily get the hang of the movements in no time.
  • Play in the tournament and quick play mode: The game provides different options for players. They can either play in the quick play mode or play in the tournament with different exciting levels and prices, such as other skins to win, coins to add to their collections, and other exciting awards.
  • It can be equally enjoyed in online and offline modes.

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Tips And Tricks To Be A Pro At Snowball.Io

  • Strike your gameplay by collecting and earning XP after every match. In addition, you could unlock new skins, features, and amazing additives for your gameplay.
  • Explore different game modes. has many different modes in which you can enjoy the game, solo or with friends, so explore the tournaments and quick play modes.
  • Be alert. While playing, you must be fully focused, as one wrong move could cost you your entire gameplay.
  • Move around a lot. This will help you gather larger snowballs and reduce your risk of falling off the ever-disappearing platform.

Conclusion is a must-get game for those who enjoy fighting games. It is enjoyable and fits the demand of all gamers of different ages. It also provides excellent and mind-blowing features like soundtracks, visible and amazing graphics, simple control for easy navigation and understanding, different options to play from like tournaments and quick play mode, fun, fast and addictive gameplay, and other exciting features to make one of the easiest, fun and mind-blowing games of the generation.