Little Big Snake is an online multiplayer game that allows players from all over the world to come together and compete in a friendly game to survive. The game was officially released in December 2018. Since its release, Little Big Snake has undergone various reviews and upgraded the game's features. The game was last upgraded in December 2022.

Little Big Snake is similar in concept to the battle royale games, which puts the players in a highly competitive spot to survive. Little Big Snake can be played on various platforms such as Android, iOS, PCs, play stations, computers, tablets, web browsers, and many others. The game is also extra exciting for players as they can team up with other players to obtain resources that can be helpful to the player. Little Big Snake is unique and differs from other games in its league as it allows the players to grow their snake into a wonderful and amazing avatar.

In the game, the player has to grow his little snake in a harsh environment where survival of the fittest is the order of the day, and other snakes are also trying to survive. To survive, the player must feed his snake from nectar and energy left by other bigger snakes in the game while protecting it from bigger snakes.

As the game advances, the player has to upgrade his snake and gather resources and treasures, enabling him to build a good and solid arsenal for battle. To defeat other snakes, the player has to form a big circle around his opponent and make them crash into it collecting their nectar and energy. The player has to be mindful and watch out for other snakes; at the same time, the player has to avoid crashing its head into other snakes as it becomes food for them in the process.


Features Of Little Big

  • Multiplayer online game
  • Full screen available
  • Amazing and colorful gameplay
  • Simple gameplay

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Here Are Handy Tips And Tricks For Playing Little Big

Tip 1: Controlling the snake is the most important factor, as the player has to keep in mind that the snake will not stop moving throughout the game. Therefore, mastering the control and movement of the snake will help the player navigate without problem as the game continues

Tip 2: The player should not solely focus on circling and crashing as the only way to defeat other snakes, as it may backfire on the player. Alternatively, the player should try luring other snakes to crash into rocks and other snakes instead.

Tip 3: As the player moves on, he should not depend on the food from other snakes and should also feed on other bugs, insects, and creatures on the way.

Tip 4: Although the collection of crowns is important, the player should refrain from excessively chasing after the crown as it gets to lead the player off track and which gets the player eliminated. The player should rather focus on the game and will win crowns after acquiring ten tons of mass.

Tip 5: Trick other snakes; tricking them is the key whenever the player finds himself being chased by other snakes. The player should run in parallel lines and circles and trick the snakes by making them crash into rocks.


Little Big Snake is an amazing game that keeps players glued to their seats due to the exciting nature of the game. The game is equipped with many levels and new surprises that keep players entertained and active throughout the game.