is a great combination of slither and Minecraft games, and it was produced and developed by K&S games in November 2019. The game is very much available on Android and iOS devices. can be equally enjoyed on PCs, laptops, and web browsers.

Since its release, has undergone various reviews and upgrades into new versions with better features to make the game more exciting. The game encompasses the normal gameplay of snake-slithering games such as Snake Xenzia and the like; however, has many additional features that distinguish the game clearly from others in its genre. is a slither game that takes place in a background Minecraft setting. The player has to move around the area to find basic sustenance for his pixeled snake. The snake has to grow big and strong to fight other snakes by eating blocks and other snakes that have died during the battle.

To play and survive in the game, you must collect snake-like tails from various patches scattered around the area to add to your body collection. These provide protection and also act as customization options. Killing smaller or weaker snakes in a limited territory also provides a great advantage for the player, as the snake not only eats them up but can also get to keep their skins and adorn them with them.

At the same time, the player must avoid running into bigger and stronger snakes to avoid being killed. Aside from bigger snakes, the player must avoid the dynamites (TNT) scattered around the minefield to avoid being blown up. Although, at some times, the player can pick up some TNT and throw it at the bigger snakes to scare them away. The player can also cleverly block or strangle other snakes in the game to kill them.

Features Of That Make It So Interesting

  • Minecraft theme: Gameplay increases as the player combines the swiftness and meticulousness needed for both slither and Minecraft games, respectively.
  • Minecraft graphics and soundtracks: As Minecraft is known for its combination of familiar pixel graphics, the creators have added a warming feel to it with clear and realistic graphics and soundtracks that keep the player entertained.
  • Various custom skins to wear: After killing your opponent for food, strength, and size, the game also allows you to be able to store the skins of such snakes so that the player can be able to change from any skin to another to make the game more colourful and fun
  • Amazing weapons: The game provides the player with different sizes of dynamites (TNT) to be able to attack other snakes as well as protect himself from bigger and stronger snakes

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Tips And Tricks To Grow Your Snake In

- Familiarize yourself with the controls. While playing, especially on PCs, it is important to know how to control the player. For example, moving the mouse in any direction moves the snake; left-clicking speeds up your movement, while right-clicking help you throw TNTs.

- Avoid the bigger snakes. Although you can throw TNTs to scare them off, you should mostly avoid the bigger snakes until you are big enough to size them up.

- Steal blocks from others. Aside from killing and devouring, another way to speed up your progress is to steal others' blocks to increase your size and territory.

Conclusion is an awesome and amusing game and a must-get for those who enjoy slithering and Minecraft games. It is suitable for all gamers and has amazing features like graphics, soundtracks, weapons, varieties of skins to choose from, and a Minecraft theme, making the player feel relaxed, entertained, and immersed in the game. It is easy to control and has numerous amazing levels, each with unique twists and turns that keeps the player on their toes throughout the game.