Wormate.io is one of the fascinating.io games that was inspired by the famous multiplayer Slither.io and its likes. The game was set in a broad arena, and you must move around smoothly while consuming food and some power-ups that make you grow bigger. Once you become huge, you can trap fellow worms and take their food. Discover how large you can get in the game.

Wormate.io is all about worms. Don't freak out yet! It's a super fun game. You are just a tiny worm looking for sweets or snipping out other worms' heads to eat their sweets. You can see your growth in the leaderboard, so find it sweeter to get to the first position.

Wormate has another mode, such as team mode. By simply clicking on the blue side of your screen with the Arena icon, you will discover an option for two teams; tap on it. Now you can compete with other rivals or join your friends as one team. Get more info from the two teams.

Wormate.io is created in HTML5 for your browser. It also has Android and iOS versions. The game was released in October 2016 and was made by Oleksandr Godoba.

Amazing And Fun Features of Wormate.io

  • Compete with your friends
  • Use the mouse to control your character.
  • Catch up on cookies, candies, and cakes!
  • Easy acceleration with your mouse.
  • Cut off fellow worms and consume their sweetness to get bigger.
  • Power-Ups: they help you accomplish your goals in the game much more quickly. But, they only help you for a short while, so you need to make good use of the effect in time.
  • Magnet: this draws food towards you even from a far distance.
  • Crisscross: allows you to make fast turns.
  • Lock: this brings you a large chunk of food.
  • Speed boost: speeds up your move.
  • Magnifying glass: allows the camera to zoom out for better visibility.
  • Multiplier: multiples the degree of nourishment offered by the food based on the value; it could be 2×, 5×, 10×.
  • Question mark: provides random power-up.

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How to Play Wormate.io?

Wormate is an easy-to-play game online; anyone can learn how it is played. You consume, you increase, and you survive. Simple, yet fun. Be watchful of other players, particularly when you are growing bigger, because they will always want to eat any food you drop. Your advantage of being huge is that you can easily trap tiny worms when you encircle them

This means Round-Up, about encircling someone to prevent them from escaping. Your first job is to target your prey, which has to be someone lesser than you; however, it is still big. Thereon, utilize the speed boost to zoom your rival ahead, then encircle the worm so it won't get the chance to escape.

Eliminate areas in your circle; however, if your opponent is taking up much space, you won't shrink, so don't let go. Next, loop around away from your circle; while doing that, your circle will shrink without the risk of death by cutting the circle. Finally, make sure that you increase a little to a point where you can round up your fellow worms and curve more if possible.

What do we think?

Wormate.io is loaded with fun levels; players can either okay one or merge with their friends as a team. So you can enjoy this game however you want to.