is an online multiplayer game whereby players worldwide can compete against each other, provided they have an active internet connection. The game was created in March 2016 and developed by Steve Howse, a Michigan citizen in his company, Lowtech studios.

The game was created with a similar concept to the 2015 and the famous snake game. The game was created to meet the demands of all platforms, making it possible to be played on any device provided an active internet connection.

After its release, the game immediately became famous among gamers and topped various app stores, and its iOS version became the most downloaded game on all app stores. game can be played by moving the snakes (also called Slithers) along a wide area to be able to feed on pellets which are like glowing orbs, and also on other smaller snakes. The purpose is for the snake to become bigger and stronger to take down other bigger snakes in its path to become the biggest, largest, longest and strongest snake in the game.

To eliminate enemies, the player has to make use of the boosts that are provided for him. To use this boost, the snake must race with other snakes. When the snake has gotten close enough, it makes a sudden cut and eliminates its opponents. The player must also make a sharp cut to get the maximum value.

The player must always be careful and ensure he does not collide his head with other snakes, as if he does, the snake dies and becomes a pellet for other snakes to feed on.

Features Of That Makes It So Interesting

Since its release in 2016, has undergone various reviews and upgraded various levels giving it one of the best features among other games in its league. Here is a list of some wonderful and amazing features that possesses to make it stand out.

  • Raw and competitive gameplay with various play styles.
  • Decoration of worms using any of the numerous skins provided for the player
  • There is no shortage of matches as various players all over the world are interested and constantly playing the game
  • The game is lighted with colourful, exciting, amazing graphics, and the snake is brought to life.

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Tips And Tricks For Playing

  • Being in total control of your snake helps as it will be easy to navigate around the field, collect pellets as well, and avoid predators
  • Following the trails of bigger snakes is quite helpful as these snakes spew out orbs as they glide across the area. The snake can feed on these orbs and continue to grow bigger until it is strong enough to kill bigger snakes
  • When the snake either kills or stumbles upon a bigger snake, instead of boosting across and collecting the orbs, the snake should use the bigger snake's dead body to create a protective wall before collecting the orbs. This is so ordered not to become vulnerable to other snakes
  • Other snakes will likely be chasing after you after becoming a giant snake. Instead of waiting behind, the player should look at the map and move to a sparsely populated area where the snake can regroup and feed on other smaller snakes that will most definitely get lost.

Frequently Asked Questions About

  1. Is a worm or snake? is a snake-like avatar that feeds on pellets and smaller snakes to become the biggest and longest snake

  1. Can be played without being downloaded? can be played on this website as long as there is an active internet connection, so no download is needed.

  1. Does provide multiplayer gameplay? provides multiplayer gameplay so you can connect and compete with friends worldwide.

Conclusion is an amazing game that gamers around the world can play. It is enjoyable with its amazing features and well-organized setting. Furthermore, its versatility and availability on numerous platforms gives it an added advantage over other games.