In, you will use your slithering snake to conquer your desired territories. is a multiplayer game released in June 2017 by Tekkos Studio, the game company responsible for its design. You must navigate your polygonal snake into an open area, where you will finish forming a circle to conquer the land. To rise to the top player, expand your hexagonal foundation. Be cautious and remain within bounds to defend your region and deter invaders.

Players will find themselves continually playing this game repeatedly despite the relatively straightforward gameplay! You have the option of playing with your group of friends or folks from all around the world. Be cautious when you attempt to seize and control other players' territories because enemy hex snakes can remove you from playing the game simply by touching your line. Likewise, don't cross your line; doing so will result in your death.

Instead of attempting to form vast rings, consider frequently taking little patches of land; players should know that the farther you wander from your region, the higher the likelihood you will be discovered and eradicated! To establish yourself as the most powerful player on the battlefield, you must annex as many regions as possible. While playing this game, zone the region as wide as you can use your colour band to protect your territory.

Employing your character's body to draw structures and attach them to the existing region will allow you to develop new territory. Your line, though, is your weak spot. Therefore, the play will be over if another player crosses your line.

What is the potential size of your empire? Find out just how much you can acquire in this highly competitive game. The hex board is yours to conquer.

Exciting Features of

A game like requires a quality feature to give it headway in the arcade game space. Since it features a new look at how "snake" games can be played, it would also need other exciting features to help back it up. Here are some exciting features of this game:

  • The multiplayer feature: feel free to engage your friends and conquer territories as a group or battle against other players and steal their territories
  • Interesting Graphics to carefully and aesthetically illustrate the given avatars
  • Strictly online for a more competitive playing environment.
  • Use strategic measures to make your way around the different areas and acquire more territory.

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Tutorial and Tips for playing

Given below are some tips and tricks to keep you ahead, even if you're just starting throughout this game.

  • To move your game avatar, use the arrow keys or the mouse to help navigate.
  • Take over as much area as you can.
  • Using your game avatar to create shapes and patterns, define new territory and link it to the already-existing territory.
  • Draw the boundaries of small regions, then join them. You can constantly stick close to the base while doing a bunch of cell collection this way.
  • You can annoy other players by sneaking into other players' territory and colliding with them as they attempt to regain control of their cells.
  • Draw curving lines while taking territory for optimal security.
  • Keep the complete line in view at all times.
  • You are doomed if an adversary crosses your line.

Concluding thoughts

If you're a fan of games that involve conquering locations or online arcade games generally, get into With its amazing features and gameplay that can get very heated, p[layers can rest assured knowing they would have a good time playing. If you want to start, log onto our website, which has the game available, or play from your mobile devices.