Zombs.io is an epic survival game involving many zombies constantly trying to attack the player. The game relies on basic survival instincts and fighting to win and conquer. Survarium games developed Zombs.io as an io game for online gameplay. Zombs.io can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and all other common mobile devices; however, it is best suited for gameplay on desktops and PCs for maximum functioning.

The game begins with the player in a land full of zombies, and survival is key. To survive, the player first has to begin to build a base and a fortress, comprising a big tower and sturdy walls to keep the zombies out. The base is first set with stashes of gold provided for the player. However, the player has to go out and search for resources to use in establishing the base with a pickaxe. The player has to dig around and find wood and stone to help build the house. It is also important to build and craft gold mines that constantly provide gold for the player to use in fortifying the house. While going about all this, the player must be watchful of the zombies.

As much as it is important to have a base, the player has to build strong walls surrounding the tower, especially before it gets dark when the zombies are in full force. If not, the zombies can invade the house, crash it down and kill the player. Gold also helps buy hold stashes that can be used to fortify the walls and towers. The zombies only get stronger and stronger as the game advances, hence a need for your buildings to become stronger as well.

You can purchase weapons from the shop in the game, which can be used to fight off and kill the zombies when they arrive in full force. You can get together with friends at a party to help establish your base, but be careful because zombies lurk everywhere. The player's score increases as more zombies are slaughtered, and the player makes it through a round of nights until the last. Try to beat the highest scores on the leaderboard!


Amazing Features Of The Zombs.io Game

- Highly competitive gameplay.

- Strictly online gameplay. Zombs.io has no provisions for offline gameplay.

- Free to play.

- Amazing power-ups to fuel gameplay.

- Special features and powers, such as the Heal feature, to help restore broken towers.

- Available worldwide, with no location restrictions.

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 Tips and Tricks For Playing Zombs.io

  • Build as many gold mines as possible. This will help you generate gold stashes which can be used not only in fortifying your walls and towers but also to purchase new items and weapons from the Shop to defend yourself.
  • Do not forget to upgrade your walls at every given interval because the zombies also get stronger every night.
  • Your pickaxe should always be at the highest upgrade to help aid gameplay.
  • Always be on guard against the zombies, whether at night or day.

What Do We Think?

Zombs.io is a spectacular game, gaining fast popularity among internet games. There are no restrictions on the game, and completely free, too, so you can be sure to access the game at any time and place you desire, provided you are connected to the internet. Zombs.io boasts incredible and adrenaline-pumping gameplay that will keep you on your toes throughout your playtime.