is a fun multiplayer game around gaining territories in the world. You get to do this by using different colors of paint to paint your way across the map that contains the different locations you need to conquer.

Just like in the oldies where the Lords travel across different areas and bend people to their knees, you will only be bending your head in painting across the map. You can choose any color to make the goal of conquering the territories come through.

This multiplayer game will require you to use your mouse to get some painting done. You will be battling with other players to not just claim your territory but theirs. This addictive game also allows you to customize the colors you prefer to be spread across the map.

If you pick a particular color and use the mouse to move over it, and you end up going to a color that is not in line with what you have already picked, your tail will be exposed to attack from other players. The same goes for your rivals as well. If they pick a color and enter a territory that is majorly your color, their tail will also be exposed to attack.

As you move your mouse over the map, try to glide over the white areas and attack the other players when you find their tails exposed. You can claim it for yourself as a territory when you are in the white space areas. Be cautious not to leave your tail exposed for too long. The longer you expose your tail, the more vulnerable you will be to attacks from your rivals.


What Is So Spectacular About

  • The game is pretty interesting for a simple nature game that is
  • It is very addictive due to the amount of fun it possesses
  • You can customize your skin and define your image
  • It is a real-time online multiplayer game
  • The colors present around the map are intriguing

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Tips To Be A Top Player

As a beginner or as an expert, below are a few tips that would be of help to you:

  • Always protect your tail regardless of whatever position on the map you are. Your opponent can easily destroy you if your tail is exposed for a very long.
  • Look out for inhabited white spaces and claim them for yourself
  • Attack other players when their tail is exposed
  • Any painting you are doing should be close to your territory until you have a chance to claim a larger territory
  • Make sure all your moving around the map is close to the edge. This will help to minimize exposure to attacks.

To Sum It All Up

Not all games are suitable for family and friends to play and bond with, but does not fall into this category. It is a game that everyone can come together and bond with. If you are looking for a game that will aid your recreation or as an indoor game for the family, this is the game for you.