YoHoHo.io opens up on a small tropical island where pirates battle with one another for survival and dominance.

The battle royal game features wrecked ships for players. Your ship crashed on the coast of this fascinating island. Your role is to eliminate the pirates to acquire as many fortunes as possible! This online game is intriguing as you will engage in a real battle and raid your foes.

YoHoHo.io featured multiple players and was developed by Exodragon Games (the maker of Defly.io and Copter.io). You will fight to rule over the islands here, but this can only be possible after defeating your rivals. Yohoho can be played via your web browsers, either desktop or mobile.

The entire gameplay aims to eradicate other pirates, accumulate gold, and increase in size. Yohoho contains a dapper ability that improves the speed of your pirate.

Battle For Treasure

After surviving the wreck, it's time to wrestle to get fortunes and glory. You will travel around the island searching for treasures; on your way, you will fight off competitors and loot their earnings to increase your pirate and score points on Yohoho island.

Be Cautious Of The Harmful Fumes Mate

Poisonous gas saturates the air when the map shrinks because of some dangerous occurrence. Watch out!

Spend Your Gold Coins

Spend your coin on purchasing new characters. Very powerful characters are more expensive. With more gold coins, you can also purchase pets —they are beneficial because they regenerate your health.

Become A Hot Pirate

Sit majestically in your cabin, caress your beard, and drink some rum while you watch how much you have achieved. You will discover several stats, such as how many you killed. To protect your progress, you can log in across any device.


Amazing Game Of Features of YoHoHo.io

  1. Upgradable pets and characters
  2. Battle royale multiplayer.
  3. Play on mobile devices and desktop
  4. Log in to get your scores saved across devices.

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How To Play YoHoHo.io

YoHoHo.io is known as a famous opportunity game to enjoy battle royals. Now your character is an actual pirate. Acquiring gold is one of your top missions in this game. You equally have to upgrade by combating other characters. YoHoHo.io can be played on a submerging island; there are tons of hidden treasures on this island, but as you progress in the game, you will discover these treasures.

The gold chest is mostly hidden on the map, while some coins and loot are dispersed around the island. Because all the pirates aim to get these treasures, they will all be fighting and attempting to kill you to acquire the gold. Remember that the island is located towards the sea, so endeavour to use every minute of your time well.

This is because the living space gets smaller each day. To survive, you must exit the red stripe. And be very watchful when you are on the battlefield; else,  your rivals won't hesitate to overthrow you and seize the first position. So note that the weakest or the smallest enemy can defeat you if you are not careful. To survive, you must prevent the attack and become the winner.


Yohoho.io has gained massive fans and a high rating. The game is intriguing and interesting. Players always find themselves engrossed in the game due to its enthralling features.