is an excellent shooter game in 2D view. Players can compete to defeat monsters and several other opponents in this game. Your role is to destroy monsters and players, dig blocks, build a base, get bigger, equip your player, earn points and unravel new skin and a new map, build a base, collect all weapons and blocks, build a chest, respawn, and doors. Be the best and get a gold crown. is also an online game that can be played on web browsers for free. The online version is under the IO category, which has gained 16257 plays and over 65% of upvotes from satisfied players. The game is created with html5 technology, only available on the PC web. You can also play it for free on your computer

This epic game revolves around shooting and fighting in a blocky 2D view, similar to the iconic Minecraft game. Peruse the map, upgrade your character and boost your level by destroying your opponent and digging and searching for resources.

Apart from the fight in, players will also gather resources like wood, dirt, and stone, make good use of them in crafting objects, and create buildings that can eventually be used for defence against their enemies. Think wide as you play this game; there are so many things you can recreate. is a blend of Minecraft's awesome features and exciting and fast-paced .io gameplay.

Features of That Make It So Fun

  • Minecraft's visuals
  • Assorted weapons for players
  • Build any type of structure you like.
  • Personalize your character's appearance to match your preference from head to bottom.
  • You can always upgrade your character.

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How To Play

The goal of is to acquire XP points, boost your counter and take charge of the arena. Check out different strategies in the game and utilize the most effective one of them all.

You can play this game solo, with friends, or with thousands of online players around the globe. It is unlocked and entirely accessible to play without lag! was recently added to a body of other io games and has gained massive plays and reviews.

To gain points: Dig finely, building blocks, and destroy players and monsters. Show your skills, select your group of players, and be the most feared on the map. 


  1. Keys like A, D, A, and W are for movement
  1. Up and down, left or right arrow keys are for moving.

Strategy For Playing

The down corner of your screen by the left are skill points; attempt new combinations and discover the best for you. Erect the castle and protect them. Build respawn (bed) always. To have respawned, gain new weapons, and try out a new class. You can choose from the 14 unique classes to select the best for you.


If you want to experience a good time playing, you can switch the game to Full-Screen mode. Anyone can play the game online for free on browsers, and downloading is not necessary.