, also known as Gangster io,,,, is a multiplayer game on an island scene where robbers are already battling for treasures.  These pirates are known to hunt for gold; besides, you are part of them, so your goal is to hunt for treasures too.

Are you ready for a fierce battle with enemies?  Now is the time to engage in a hot battle.  At first, you will be given a single skin by default, but it is only crucial to accumulate additional gold to get a new one for yourself.  After that, a few characters will be available for you as you progress to the next island.  Insert your nickname, and you will get access to the sand-filled island; there, you will see your rivals already fighting for who will take possession of the whole treasure on the island.

First, endeavor to amass as many gold coins as possible.  Your rivals will roll after the demise of other pirates.  As you keep taking more gold, your size will continue to increase.  Then heighten the damage and safely attack the other players.

The more your opponent increases, the more gold you will get after they die.  But be careful because the minor enemy can defeat the strongest pirate.

When the weapon of two players collides, you can block the punch.  Hold the left mouse button down to give out a heavy blow, and then free the aiming cursor on your opponent.

 On the island, you will witness danger not just from your rivals, the island itself is poisonous, and with time the borders of death will be limited.

The red court territory is deadly; players are advised to avoid her.  Besides, the winner will be the last man standing.

Now you can enjoy all of this exciting gameplay for free. is a game on the island where users encounter pirates and battle to survive and win in a complete battle mode.

This platform gives its clients multiple strategies that can be used to destroy all the other pirates to acquire the treasures.  Furthermore, players can even be permitted access to the community system for sharing multiple elements with friends to have an exciting experience.


The makeup of this game comes with a combination of rules, modified graphics, heroes, and several other things so that the primary player can withstand through the end and receive prizes.  Anyone can unlock the game to get the latest characters and make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Features of

  • Achievements
  • Multiplayer
  • Uses mouse to boast
  • OBFOG is shown in full screen
  • Additionally, there are a few new skins and weapons, like, swords, pike, ax, sabers, etc.

Gangsters io game is the revamp mode of Yo Ho Ho io combat, where players get to hustle for gold and recognition as the final survivor on the islands.  However, now, a pet healer will be your assistant.

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How To Play Gangsterz.Io

Just as it was, there are various tasks to be given at once for each battle.  Your first duty is to overthrow all your opponents to become the last man living gangster.  Another is to obtain as many coins as possible to get upgrades.  Doing this requires collecting other gold coins littered on the surface; there are numerous treasures in the chest when you break them and also obtain a drop from opponents you have conquered.  If your opponent is prominent, more coins will spill out of him.


  • The character in follows the pointer behind.
  • To make one hit, click the mouse button once.
  • Long-press the button to boost, and then release at the proper time, crushing the blow. This same option can serve as acceleration.
  • Pause for regeneration
  • Hearts flying over the screen implies that your adorable pet's affection heals you.

Conclusion is thrilling and engages its players with excellent gameplay and unique features.  Moreover, the game is accessible on this website and can be played with friends.