is a super interesting game. The fast pace game keeps players engrossed and spellbound. In this multiplayer shooting game, you fight with troops of zombies in a 2D cityscape. The graphics took after Pokemon games, plus you have surplus 2D characters to choose from. Initially, you will only be equipped with one pistol, but as you progress in the game, you will have several options to pick from: a shotgun, a flame thrower, and a machine. Sarunas Visockas developed, which can be played via a web browser.

You will keep moving around town, trying to survive the grip of the zombies. They often respawn, so be careful— you can't afford to keep your guard down. More so, the zombie is always going to come toward you, so you need to continue moving and aiming rightly. As you progress, you can improve your character statistics, like the speed of movement, health regeneration, and health itself — they will help you live longer. Ensure that you always consider other players. Answer questions like whether you will work with other players or annihilate all potential threats.

You can still help one another; however, they can practically shoot at themselves aggressively just to be at the top of the leaderboards. If you opt to play in Team mode, you can work together with your team to capture the other team's flag. That's just it.

Features of That Makes It So Fun

  • The gameplay is interesting, and the graphics are nice.
  • The sound effect is soothing
  • The game has been proven to ease your mind.

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How To Play

Your objective in this game is to defeat all your enemies. Check out all the available modes on and choose which brings you the most fun. Never allow a single opponent to slip from your hand. Only by this means will you be able to win the game. can also be played by one person, with their friends, or with your online friends worldwide. The game is unlocked and can be accessed without lag.

  • Use the arrow key ASWD to stay in motion, click left to fire the gun, and long press for our force.
  • Press the spacebar to drop.
  • Use 1,2,3 and 4 to select perks. Alternatively, you can click left on the option you choose.
  • To upgrade your gun, click on the one you want to upgrade.
  • Still, on the gameplay, you will see 3 pop-ups asking about the kind of gun you want to upgrade. However, you can upgrade to a certain gun tier if you don't have a particular amount of points. Points are received by shooting zombies. Every zombie has a specific amount of points:

Hidey Hole

This is perfect for meeting honour hiding. You can fire your opponents here.

The Main Road

The respawn area normally has numerous zombies, and they are safe for blues at the appropriate time.

Central Square

This is at the left of the central pack with countless zombies.

Central Park

The only piece of green on your map. There are little zombies, but they can easily get trapped or ambushed.

Our Final Thoughts

You really shouldn't play this game alone. Invite your friends to enjoy the game together. is a game played from a top-down perspective.