is a battle royale game where you, as a player, are forced to loot other players. You must build a base, farm materials, and kill your opponents. You must do all of these in time to avoid the storm. In this game, you would need to be very smart & outplay your opponents, without which you would not be able to come out victorious.

This hard-core game needs you to put all your critical thinking powers into ensuring you become the krunt master. However, regardless of the defence you use, your opponents still keep showing up and trying to scatter it; thus, you must use good weapons and control the game.

With the letter E- you have the power to access ground items like cars; the left click of your mouse- allows you to shoot; Q- helps you to build walls; the space bar- helps you to jump over obstacles; shift- with this, you can run faster than Usain Bolt; R- reload your weapon; M- this helps you to view the map and the zones it covers; 1-6 helps you to switch between guns.

The weapons that the game comes with are unlike any ever seen in a game of this category. You will find assault rifles, SMGs, SCARs, and shotguns. The assault rifle has a very accurate modifier and can be a great damage issuer. In addition, SMG helps you with speed as it is faster than the other guns.

According to most players, the most useful weapon in this game is SCAR. It has a very accurate aim, even better than that assault rifle. Furthermore, this game can issue damages that no one can comprehend. The last weapon is the shotgun which is useful for close-range fights to shoot multiple bullets.


What Are The Amazing Features In

  • It has amazing weaponry
  • The gameplay is fun and thrilling
  • It comes with easy-to-use controls
  • Its graphics follow through with the concept of the game

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How To Play And Win

Unlike other online games, doesn’t prove to be one of those complicated games that will make you stressed.

This is one game that you can play to relax. Here are some tips that would help you not just do that but also be at the top:

  • Once you have started the game, you must do all you can to be fast to loot as much as possible.
  • Make use of the potions & mini potions to serve as a shield when you are trying to loot. This will help to protect you.
  • You need to gather as many farming materials as possible because, at some point in the game, you would need them to build walls that will help protect you from the enemy.
  • To ensure your survival, hunt and kill other players in the game.
  • There is a part of the game called ‘the zone. Avoid this part completely, as you can sign your death wish if you go there.

Our Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of adventure games, then is one game you just need to play. The game is very interesting and will greatly help in taking away your boredom.