In, players control a small giant and have to help the giant grow in size from mini to an actual giant so it can eliminate other players who stand as opposition. Of course, to do this, you would need cool weapons that will help the giant to be able to fight to the finish.

To get these weapons, you would need to collect items that lay around the map and the chests you will find in the game. With these chests, you can get massive rewards and boost your armoury. You level up in this online multiplayer game as you become more powerful. This will also help you to earn more rewards and thus strengthen your giant, who is no longer mini.

There are many classes to pick from in this game. Each of these classes comes with unique abilities that would help to unlock the next level that follows it. For example, some classes are barbarian, tank, fairy, amazon, necromancer, etc. They represent the ability of players who would last longer through the classes to have the opportunity to dominate as they so rightly deserve.

If you have played or slither, the minigiant would be easy to understand. As you go on destroying your opponents, you will see that you can earn chests that come with different rarities. The loot in these chests would interest you. Thus, you might want to keep amassing them.

In the chests, you will find such things as armour, rings, helmets, etc. These items will help you get points that will validate your authoritative role as the biggest mini-giant if you can make it to the last level. Always play smart by growing your giant fast and defeating your enemies quickly. You might just become the next rated minigiant.


What Features Make Stand Out From Others?

  • Many magical items with rarities like unique, epic, legendary, and mythic.
  • The currency system is gold. Other games can complicate things by issuing many currencies, but this is straightforward.
  • The game mechanics center on growing your character to unimaginable sizes.
  • The inventory system allows you to gear up with items you find in the chest.

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How To Play And Win

If you want to stand as the biggest mini giant to exist, then you would need to heed instructions from those who have experienced the game's true nature.

Here are some of the instructions which you should have in mind:

  • Ensure to grow your giant faster than your opponents can.
  • Use the colourful pieces just by the map to constantly boost your energy.
  • Ensure to defeat your enemies faster, as this will help you to play safely.
  • Avoid the bigger enemies at the initial stages, and focus on the smaller ones to enable you to last longer in the game.
  • You can quickly level up if you can battle as many small enemies at a time.

Let's Take A Bow has proved to be an interesting game that every player must play at least once. The game is filled with surprises and unexpected obstacles, and for those who love adventure mixed with a little bit of war, this is the right game for you.