is a mobile game with icons that are easy to control. It has been available for a while but has somehow gained popularity in the gaming world. It is a simulation game where you play the role of a ball. This may seem weird at first, but it is fun to play.

The game is mostly made up of balls of different sizes. In this game, you are a ball looking for food to consume. The food appears in smaller balls you must move over to swallow. As you eat more balls, your ball gets bigger. That’s all there is to it. The game’s rules are easy to learn.

The gameplay is similar to and the classic Snake desktop game, where the snake has to gorge down as many snacks as possible without hitting other snakes or crashing into a wall. The latter actions are fatal as they end the game and cause you to lose. This is exactly how works.

In, you play with a colourful ball and have to eat other balls to get bigger. Other players are also present in this game. You must avoid crashing into them and the game screen's borders. The game ends when you do either of these things. is played online against other players who have balls to represent them too.

Latest Features Of is a fast-paced game where you must keep your attention on the screen to avoid losing. Taking your eyes off it, even for a moment, will lead to your demise. What makes such a cool game? Its features, of course! If you’re looking for an easy beginner game you can easily get started with, this one does the job. Its features include:

  • Multiplayer Game with human players developing unique strategies to use the balls provided to win.
  • A Leaderboard to the top right of the screen to avoid interrupting your gameplay.
  • Simple Touch-based Controls so no keys or arrows are cramping the screen space.
  • Ball Characters of different colours for you to play as. 
  • Relatively Clutter-free Interface featuring a timer and scoreboard, among other important details.
  • In-Game Text feature for occasional communication, if and when necessary.

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Tutorial For Playing  

The steps involved in playing are straightforward to follow. They include:  

  • Click on the Play Game button to start your game. The website may require a Captcha verification to ensure you’re not a robot. This part does not take up to a minute of your time.
  • The game screen appears, and the timer begins the 34 minutes cou
  • Other players’ balls appear on the screen with their usernames on them.
  • To control your ball, tap the screen toward the desired movement.
  • The goal is to consume as many smaller balls as possible.
  • Move your ball in the direction of these tiny food balls.
  • Avoid the coloured lines that represent the borders of the game.
  • Avoid bumping into other players.

Concluding Words’s nostalgic gameplay makes it one worth trying out. It is reminiscent of the classic snake games, which have been in circulation for a while. The introduction of balls instead of snakes adds to the novelty of this game.