Stumble is an elimination game played amongst up to 32 players. From this statement, you can already deduce a battle Royale element. The players compete at various levels in this game, each being harder than the previous one. If you lose any rounds, you must start from level one again.

Stumble attempts to offer a gaming experience similar to what the popular Fall Guys game provides you with, and it does a good job of this. A major upside is that you don’t have to pay money for this since the game is free. Also, the gameplay is simple, as are the controls.

The game environment is full of obstacles and challenges, which get more complex as you progress through the levels. Each level features endless running while avoiding obstacles and knocking down other players. The aim is to get to the finish line before everyone else. The obstacles in Stumble are weird and very chaotic but fun overall.

You can tell from the title that the game is trying to make you stumble and lose. It’s up to you to overcome every challenge you’re faced with and win. Stumble also offers you an avatar with customization features that make gameplay even more interesting than it already is.

Although your avatar’s appearance has little to nothing to do with your scores, you’re meeting over 30 other avatars, so you should try to look your best.

Current Features Of Stumble

The features that make Stumble popular include the following:

  • Easy Fall Guys-style gameplay.
  • Good quality graphics and animations.
  • The absence of game lags even though so much is happening on the screen simultaneously.
  • Character Customization is a feature that grants you access to various skins to improve your avatar's appearance.
  • Rankings to evaluate your progress in the game.
  • Fast-paced Music suitable for the pace of the game.
  • Simple Controls featuring a joystick and a jump button.
  • In-App Purchases with a reasonable price range.
  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer game.

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Tutorial For Playing Stumble

As mentioned earlier, the gameplay is straightforward.

  • Click on the Play button to start your game.
  • The game chooses a random character for you at the beginning. You can modify the features of your avatar using the customization option. 
  • You are one of 32 players trying to get to the finish line. Run as fast as you can before the time runs out.
  • For the first round, only 16 players are accepted into the next level.
  • The process is the same in the next level. Just keep running, avoiding obstacles until you get to the finish line.

To control your character, all you need to do is:

  • Press and hold any arrow keys to move your character in the desired direction.
  • Double-click to slide forward.
  • Double jump to avoid obstacles. Do not use this in muddy areas.

Final Thoughts

In all you do, ensure you keep your eye on the timer. Every second counts. There are many pros to playing Stumble, many of which have already been mentioned in this article.  

The con, however, is the childish nature of the game. The physics of the game may seem unreasonable to the mature mind. If you’re looking for a serene, futuristic game, this will not give you that, but if you like the promise of a good game, this is your stop!