War Brokers was the top-rated PC game during October 2022 (amassing over eight thousand users) based on the number of active players or users per month. This is a simulation game created by Trebuchet Entertainment LLC on 18-12-2018. It is accessible on PC (stream), Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Before you get into this chaotic warfare, you need to know how to navigate your way in the game, and there are several things you need to bear in mind. First, this game is not the usual FPS game you are familiar with. Instead, there are specific elements of the game that makes it unique.

War Brokers is a very complex and fast-paced game. If you discover it's too hard for you, switch to the easy FPS to build your skills first, then return to the hard part and test your capacity.

To traverse around the maps, you need a vehicle; they can be found on their maps, respectively. Both you and your crew can use it, but be careful, so you don't get run over by your enemy vehicles. However, you can not destroy your enemy's vehicles or even ride them when they have a purple health bar. Note that each vehicle operates distinctively — they have unique stats, weapons, etc.

Features of War Broker

War Broker presently features:

  1. Battle royal mode
  2. Survival mode
  3. Classic mode
  4. 4v4

You are recommended to first play the Classic mode before moving forward. This features the basic TDM mode and many other unique game modes, such as Missile Launch, Package Retrieval, and Capture point.

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Tips And Tricks For War Brokers

Basic Movement

The purpose of the movement is beyond changing positions around the map. Sometimes staying and crouching is helpful, but when it comes to attacking your enemies, you need to know how to avoid getting hit.


Advanced Movement

This movement is another technique for winning gunfights. The jump feature is necessary for finding your way around the map in firefights. Some skilled players may know how to accurately track their target that is moving horizontally on their screen; using small vertical movement is enough to knock off your enemy, even slightly


Solitary movement cannot bring you victory. Instead, the game gauges your ability to organize multiple skills and regulate them simultaneously. Your aim is an essential element that helps you win battles. But having good aim is not all it takes to win gunfights. Instead, your movement and aim must work together to guarantee success

Playing loadout/style

When preparing a major and minor weapon, ensure that you make your character as adaptive as possible. At most, a slot should be assigned to mid-short-range firefights. Shot guns and assault rifles are perfect for this.


Head-on is the most destructive way to rush an opponent. This is because when you sight an enemy, they must have seen you; this makes it possible for them to shoot, kill and hit you. It is easy to destroy some who do not fire back at you. Flank your enemy to put you in a position where you can hit them from behind. This will make bring you victory.


War Broker is a complete package for anyone who wants to enjoy battle royale games. The adaptive game allows players to play at their capacity level while still enjoying every bit of the fun.