Taming.io is a free multiplayer action-packed game where your mission is to care for magical pets, build a village and keep all you’ve created safe. It was released in October 2020. You also get to fight with your animals by your side, which is unique about Taming.io. From the selection of pets provided by the game, you get to choose and tame wild animals for your use.

The Taming.io gaming revolves around three important things: pets, building, and battles. When it comes to taming, it is easier to tame the animals when they are babies. Every player gets three pets. Each pet has a specific behaviour (defense, attack) and unique skill (regeneration, speed, etc.). Engaging your animals in battles also helps them become stronger.

The animals are also classified based on their types and specialties, ranging from poison to water, rock, and ice. Each type has advantages that differentiate it from the others. There are also drawbacks unique to each type. You need to be aware of these when choosing your pets. When you reach level 5 and higher, you can access a feature that lets you mount your animals.

For the building aspect, you are tasked with building your village using all the resources available. You have to set up buildings to evolve as a tamer. Collect wood from trees, unlock and create weapons, and do much more using your resources. You can also set up special structures such as windmills.

When you level up, you even get the ability to craft weapons and unlock better ones. Collecting gold and battling other players/tamers increases your total score. Windmills also generate gold automatically. You can choose to play in teams or alone. Get ready to build the best pet army ever!

Recent Features Of Taming.io

Taming.io is such a unique game. The blend of human survival elements and magic pet action is incredible. Other features that make this game notable include the following:

  • Vibrant graphics with quality that can be adjusted in the settings section of the game.
  • It is free to play.
  • Stats show you your progress levels so you can compare them with those of other players.
  • New Challenges every day are chances for you to earn rewards.
  • Badges that trigger different types of starting bonuses.
  • Golden Apple is the in-game currency found in the chests and can be used to unlock skins.
  • Creating an Account lets, you unlock the best features.
  • Exciting Gameplay with crafting, taming, and defending your territory from hostiles.

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Instructions For Playing Taming.io

For the crafting part of Taming.io, hit rocks, bushes, and trees to collect resources. Gather resources to increase your gold score and kill more opponents. Maximize your skill and that of your pet to win your battles. There are 3 pet levels; Baby, Adult, and Boss.

To tame any wild animals, find a sleeping one and press the paw button. If you fail, the animal will wake up aggressive. Other important instructions include:

  • Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move up, left, downwards, and to the right.
  • Press the “key to trigger pet skills.
  • Use the Tab key to switch pets.

Last Words

LapaMauve created Taming.io. From the home screen, you can tell it was created to give players a simple, stress-free gaming experience. Every feature is represented and positioned. There’s even a How To Play section explaining every gameplay element. In addition, Taming.io also lets you invite friends. What more can a player ask for?