is a free game that you can play online. online is under the xxx category. It has amassed over 18,000 players and 78% upvotes from satisfied players. The game was developed with html5 technology and can be played on the PC web. Therefore, you can enjoy on your computers for free. is an awesome .io game slightly different from the recent titles. Rather than playing a never-ending game, you must compete in combat sessions and fight to be the last man standing. In each combat session, your goal is to battle against several other players and thrive. If you get killed, you won't be able to continue the game until another session. Yendis INC created

You can switch to Full-Screen mode if you want to experience exciting gameplay. In addition, you can access the game on this website for free via your modern browser, with no additional download required.

Multiple players in a war-like gameplay can play game. You are to enter the world of this game with nothing but your fist and battle until you destroy all the players.

Features Of

  • You will confront over 50 different enemies in actual time on a broad background.
  • Act as a scavenger around the map to find more than 20 different types of unique weapons.
  • Travel by bicycle and vehicles at a very high speed to run over your enemies.
  • Get a customized hero with 500 different combinations.
  • Discover your capacity level and compare your skill with other players on a worldwide leaderboard.
  • Pair with your mates in war so that together you can overthrow your enemies, or better yet, you can war against your friends.

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Tips On How To Play Foes.Io

Every player aspires to reach the final juncture where they become the last man standing. However, there are numerous tips you can utilize to beat your opponents. Players are supposed to select their loadout and fight until nothing is left. Players must be equipped with weapons, perks, and outfits to aid them in the fight. You are to stay clear of the red-colored area on the map.


The following tips will help you develop your unique skill to bring you more points.

Players are free to maximize all the tips in to play this game effectively and survive till the very end such that you will gain the winner's badge. is an online game based on survival; the creator of developed the name. This game provides weapons to its players, who can access the class statistics directly from it.

Players can hunt for weapons via the game map. Also, ensure that your opponents do not collect the same weapons. Suppose you do not hastily confront and swing at your enemy; your enemy will kill you and end the game. You are required to move with sonic speed and be accurate while you strike. If you miss shots and make the guns useless, you will receive only an option for discovering the ammo crate.

Game Controls

This game has WASD controls which help in moving and shifting springs. You can use the letter F to interact, and the space can be used for a dash. Players can use left click to attack foes, while Q/scroll is used to change weapons.  

Ultimately, there are countless tips for anyone who wishes to play at a proficient level and be the best in the game.

Conclusion offers players the best combat game with exciting features. The game is fun, and players will also engage their intuitive skills.