BiologyClass Club is a first-person battle royale and shooter io game. The game is online multiplayer and can be played with other gamers online. It was officially released on the 1st of September, 2017, by the gaming company Blue Wizard Digital Inc. The game can be enjoyed on our website using various devices such as Androids, iOS devices, PCs, tablets, and the like.

The game contains little egg-shaped characters that are armed and ready for battle. The player has to fight off a horde of enemies that surround the entire place using different weapons for strategic purposes. However, BiologyClass Club can be enjoyed as multiplayer gameplay with other gamers on the internet to enjoy maximum gameplay. In multiplayer mode, the player goes to war against other players or teams, as the case may be, and the winner is decided by the last team standing at the end of the shoot-out.

Other awesome modes exist in the game, each with different spectacular missions. The zany Capture the Spatula mode involves normal gameplay, except that the aim is to retrieve a spatula hidden and blocked by enemies in the game to gain victory.

The King of the Coop mode requires the character, also known as an eggatar, to raid and conquer at least five coops to gain the title of the Coop. This involves taking total control and possession of the raided coops and adding them to your assets. Not to forget the Free for All single-player mode where the player goes free for all, as the name implies, to singlehandedly claim the trophy.

There are eight different and unique gun types available in the game, each with different uses. There are shotguns like the Crackshot, Scrambler, Tri-hard, grenades, snipers, handguns, and the like, all of which can be used for different situations depending on the player's discretion.


Awesome Features In Biologyclass Club

- Endless Customisation Options. While playing the game, golden eggs are scattered around for the player to collect. These golden eggs can, in turn, be used to purchase and access different costumes and features such as skins, hats, gun skins, and the like. The options are endless, so you can fully decide the overall look of your eggatar.

- Online Multiplayer Gameplay. Increase your gaming fun by connecting with hundreds of available players online, even over long distances.

- Free to Play. BiologyClass Club simply requires an internet connection and an active device to play. As it is an io game, it can be easily accessed on our website for immediate gameplay.

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Tips And Tricks For Playing Biologyclass Club

Tip 1: Collect as many golden eggs as possible to upgrade your eggatar. Buy skins and other fancy items often to increase visual satisfaction while playing.

Tip 2: Learn how to change between weapons quickly, depending on the situation.

Tip 3: Move the mouse in the direction you want the character to move and click to shoot.


BiologyClass Club (Shell Shockers) is a thrilling game for gamers of all ages worldwide. With simply an internet connection and your active device, whichever that may be, engage with different new players from all around the world on our website and start playing immediately. The game will be greatly enjoyed by lovers of the battle royale games genre but remains an incredible experience.