Deadly Egg is an io game, an online multiplayer game where you play against a horde of egg-shaped characters armed with weapons and ready to attack. Deadly Egg can be accessed on many mobile devices, iOS, Android, PCs, tablets, and the like, but it is more of a PC game than others.

The game is very similar to many other battle and action games and uses the same techniques. The game is also known as Egg or Egg and bears striking similarities with the very popular io game Shell Shockers.

The game has egg-shaped characters which the players use to start the battles. The main mode involves the player shooting at an army of other eggs to destroy them and win that level. Every character in the game is automatically armed and ready to fire at the player, so the player has to be equally armed to succeed. The game requires speed, tactics as well as a good aim.

To get armed, the player has to win many levels to amass some gold that can be used to get weapons. There are many weapons to be used, ranging from low-range shotguns to high-range snipers, rifles, explosives, and even grenades.

There is a map that guides the player along as they play to have a good survey and outlook of the entire fighting environment. The map helps guide the player's fighting, discover gold and protect oneself from enemies lurking around. It is very important to always upgrade the player as you play, with ammunition and other customization options like gun skins, hats, and the like to spice up your eggatar.


While playing Deadly Egg, there is also an opportunity to create private rooms and connect with friends and other players worldwide. By connecting to a server, you can engage I'm multiplayer gameplay with a friend or team by your side or take on team-to-team battles with many people. There are also many other different modes available in Deadly Egg, each with different arrangements and missions to undertake for each mode. With Deadly Egg, you can be sure to have a range of activities always going on so you can never be bored.

Amazing Features of Deadly Egg

  • Limitless customization options
  • Available in full-screen play
  • Can be accessed on all mobile devices
  • Offers multiplayer gameplay
  • Variety of different unique and exciting modes.

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Useful Tips For Playing Deadly Egg

  • Make sure to gather golden eggs as you need them to upgrade your eggatar and get all the best customization options.
  • Always be ready to attack your opponents at any given time.
  • When playing in teams, watch out for your teammates as much as you watch out for yourself.
  • Familiarize yourself with all available to so you know which is best to use in every situation.

What Do We Think?

Deadly Egg is a fun and exciting io game, perfect for passing the time while having a great deal of fun. Completely free and easily accessible, the game continues to gain widespread popularity among many internet games. It is a game of choice and suitable for gamers of all ages and with no location barriers too.