is an online game where players draw, and other players try to guess the drawing. If you have had an experience with or pictionary, then this game's concept would not be difficult for you to understand. The same mechanism of action in pictionary and the other drawing and guessing games also apply here. You might even come off as an expert in this game if you have engaged with the other games before.

In this game, there is a whiteboard, and all of the drawings will be made on this board. If you are the one making the drawing, other players must guess what you drew. However, if others are making the drawing, you would have to guess what the drawings could be.

So far, this game has obtained more than 22,742 plays and 78% of upvotes on different social media platforms. You can play on this website with your computer, android device, iPhone, iPad, etc. The features do not differ; the only difference would be the screen resolution, which would depend on your platform.

If you are more of a full-screen fan, then it is best to use platforms where you can see all of the activities happening on a larger screen. This will help ensure that you are carried along with everything ongoing. So if you want to participate in the game, join a room and join other players playing. You can also create a room for other players to come join you.

What Features Make So Popular?

  • You can play it via multiple platforms; iOS, android, tablet, desktop computer, etc
  • You play it in real-time against players from all around the world
  • It comes with multiple rounds
  • Some rules and regulations guide the conduct of the game to prevent cheating

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How To Play And Win

As with most drawing and guessing games, there is a great deal of mental work needed to make one stand at the top with this game.

The following will be of help to you when you are playing this game:

  • You can brainstorm with the kind of guesses that other users are making.
  • Ensure that your drawing depicts what it is intended for to allow other players to be able to guess easily.
  • Let your guesses be tailored to a popular opinion so you won't make many mistakes.
  • Carefully observe what others say in the chat to spot where your mistake is coming from.
  • Let the drawings be items that people are familiar with. This will help for easy guesses and also help to increase your points.

Why You Should Be Playing is a very interesting game, and it is something that can serve as a means to pass the time, especially during recreation. It is brain intensive, but if you see it as the fun game, you won't feel terrible for not making some guesses right. Create a room where you and your friends can play if you can. This will further help to increase the fun and make you play with people you are familiar with.