is a multiplayer game that you can play online. In this game, you only need to participate in a few rounds of guessing the word that another person is drawing. With the game being played online, you have access to different people worldwide and can connect with them via this means.

As with most multiplayer games, speed and accuracy are foremost here. You must make haste to guess what the word being drawn is. The faster you guess, the more points you accumulate at the end of the game. Once you have launched your browser, you can easily play it on this website.

Some call this game a 'Pictionary' game, which may be just the perfect description of what the game entails. Once the guessing rounds are over, the player with the highest point is declared the winner; maybe the title of 'pictioneer' would apply here.

To make it more fun, you can connect with your friends on social networking sites while playing this game, maybe via zoom, meet, etc. This will help to enhance the fun as you exchange ideas and communicate on how best to tackle each game and maybe become the pictioneer.

Aside from joining other people's rooms, you can also create yours and share it with your friends. You can invite as many as 50 people to access the room, and y'all can draw together and have all the fun from the different subjects available.

When it comes to drawing, you would need to choose a word from the three options given in less than 80 seconds. Also, as someone else is drawing, you need to type your guess into the chat, and the earlier you guess it, the better your points.


What Features Make Stand Out From Others?

  • The game comes in 26 different languages, thus allowing for diversity
  • It comes with support features like color, eraser, trash, etc., to aid you in visualizing better
  • The speed and accuracy make for an interesting gameplay
  • It is easy to navigate

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How To And Win

This game seems pretty basic, but you must be at the top of your game at all times to ensure that you beat others at it.

The following will help you in achieving just that:

  • Tailor your drawing to have a reflection of the characteristics of the word you want to draw
  • Draw what everyone can easily understand, like shapes, colours, etc
  • For the guessers, you can use the guesses of others to narrow down your search. Although this should not be depended on most of the time as it can make for time wasting.
  • Ensure to always say what is topmost on your mind; who knows? You might just be correct
  • For both the drawers and guessers, some patients might be needed, so you don't give what is too hard for people to figure out or waste the number of guesses you have, as the case may be.

What Do We Think?

In, everybody has the opportunity to become a winner. This is because the rounds keep going on and on. You might not guess right the first few times, but you will get the hang of it. So just take your time and enjoy your gameplay.