is an incredible .io game that requires players to stomp fellow players in a platform-based setting.  Before starting this game, players can choose to modify the game's settings, such as the skin, character, and username.  Thereon, you can enter the field and start stomping.

The game aims for gamers to jump on several other players from above using the arrow keys and the space bar, or the mouse can be used alternatively.  Other players will try to obstruct your character from stomping, so you must figure out how to deal with them.  Utilize the platforms littered around the map to help you gain more advantage over them.  Your character will grow with time and gain stomps.  As they acquire more experience, your name will surface on the leatherboard, eventually moving to the top if you keep playing.

Features of

  • Your mouse can be used to direct your jumper to either the left or right of the arena.
  • Obtain stars to increase in size
  • When you click smash attack, you will drop down.
  • Stomp your opponent to grab their star. Avoid getting stomped.
  • To steer, drag half of the screen to the left.
  • Choose from diverse characters, including characters like Super Mario.
  • Dominate the arena with your huge size.

How to Play


You will get seven skins at the initial stages by default, but to access more, you must share them on Twitter or Facebook to unlock them.

Note that you don't necessarily need to have a Twitter account; click on the back arrow.

Make use of your mouse in directing the activity of your character.  Your character is meant to jump automatically, so you must direct them to the right or the left and jump from one platform to the other.  In the platform, you will discover the star; ensure that you collect them — these will increase and boost the size of your character.

Utilize the left-click button to help you stomp — stomping your opponents can only happen when they are smaller than your character.  So be careful while you stomp.

Advertisement has incredible playability; it is also a fun way to fight against other players globally, so keep stomping


Stomping a smaller opponent makes them squish and prompts them to forfeit all their stars automatically.

Stomping a larger opponent will cause them to forfeit half of their stars.

When a player loses his stars, half of the stars pour out into the arena, and the rest goes to you.

The size of every player at the beginning starts with size ten stars, so when you are at a small size, you will discover a noticeable growth — your growth will increase simply by collecting stars.  Each star adds one to your size; eventually, you will be more focused on stomping your opponent because it rapidly increases your growth.

You need to be careful about larger players because they are heavier, so they knock them back even further when they come across the smaller player.

You can smash attacks as much as you desire.  It doesn't have much effect other than landing on top of other players as usual, but it is a fast way to maneuver.

Take advantage of ledges.  Players can jump them from beneath, but falling through the ledges from above is impossible.

Tips and Tricks

To pick your favorite skin, change your username or select your server, check out the menu on the screen.

You can play an unlocked game via game sites like  In addition, you will get access to thousands of various unlocked games for free.

Play the Unlocked, acquire more stars, and become bigger!


Direct your mouse however you want, or you can change the direction with the left and right arrows.

Click the left key or space bar to stomp instantly.

Conclusion is an immersive game, easy to play, yet it requires you to play with caution. You can find the best features in the game as you explore more.