Sugar is a Match-3 game and a challenging one too. Players match the sweets and candies to get as many points as possible in one minute. Jason Kapalka designed this game, developed and released by Blue Wizard Digital in November 2019. Sugar Shock is available on web browsers and is accessible from both Desktops and mobile devices.

You are to combine as quickly as possible for the full 60 secs to earn the best possible score. On your mission to get to the "Candy Club", you will destroy cubes of sugar and power doughnuts. So, if you are quick enough and enjoy a friendly game with healthy competition, begin in this ultimate game of speed-eating fun alongside your pals and the rest of the world.

The controls of this game are very easy to grasp. To match the candies, you must drag the left click part of your mouse to switch different candies and match them with the right ones.

Players worldwide can play Sugar online alone, with friends, or with other players on the internet. It is preferable to accumulate more points as you go on in the game. That is the essential thing in Sugar to give importance to. You can upgrade your character's talents by exchanging XP points.

In this matching game with a sugar concept, put these brightly coloured sweets together. Donuts, cupcakes, gummy bears, and lollipops are all available to match. In this quick-fire matching game, you aim to match however many icons you can in a minute. This is not one of those casual, unwinding matching games as other matching games are. Instead, it is fast-paced and requires sharp thinking. You must begin pairing in Sugar Shock as fast as the timer starts to run.


Amazing Features Of Sugar Shock.Io

The Match-3 category of games, especially with a candy theme, is quite saturated, and any game that desires to thrive in this category needs features that set it apart. Sugar isn't lacking in these features, so below are some eye-catching features that make Sugar worth the play.

  • Addictive and immersive with its fast-paced gameplay.
  • Nice Upgrades like playing exclusive candy club games
  • Powerful and interesting power-ups to improve the gameplay and help increase winning chances
  • Daily and Weekly leaderboards to encourage competitiveness
  • Free to play with no ads.

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Quick Tutorial On How To Play Sugar Shock.Io

To start with this game, getting a theoretical idea of how the game works would be very useful in playing this game. Below is a quick tutorial on how to get started:

  • Start by logging on to our website, which provides the game
  • Switch two icons to make a column or a row of about three matching icons to start this game. Remember that the timer starts immediately after the screen shows the candies.
  • Strive to comply with the requirements for each round to receive a reward of a "sugar cube" or "sugar skull".
  • To match additional candies, watch for power-ups you may utilize.
  • Pay attention to the clock on the game's right side and use as many matches as possible to finish the game within 60 seconds.
  • To enter the Candy Club, aim to earn ten tickets.

Final Thoughts On Sugar Shock.Io

Blue Wizard Digital presents a whole new dimension to the MAtch-3 niche. If you're looking for a fast-paced game in the candy-themed category, Sugar is your best bet for these games. All you need to do to get started with Sugar is on our website.