is a classic game for both children and adults. This is your go-to game if you are a fan of classic io games. comprises evolution, intense competition, and battle till there's only one man left.

This is a fun game featuring multiple players and inspired by Agario. is developed by Nouayti. R. And was released on August 2022

Much like the Agar gameplay, is packed with new features, including customization with different skins,  being able to feed cells, and tons of other game modes like Gigasplit, Instant, Megasplit, Crazy, Free-for-all, 1v1 Self feed, and Self-feed.

In the game, you must circle and consume dots to increase their size and eat fellow players. This game allows shooting other dots to nourish and develop your cell. Divide into many cells so that you can escape any larger cell attempting to eat you too or to eat up other smaller circles. You can use any game modes available, like Gigagsplit, self-feed, etc., and they are all accessible to everyone. is a famous game, and you don't have to worry about being the only one in the lobby; there will always be available players in the lobby. After its launch, in 26 days, attracted 2.7k players.

Advertisement allows for solo playing with your friends or with other people from diverse regions playing online. The game is an unblocked and completely accessible version without lags or glitches.

Features of

  • Intense gameplay
  • Multiple modes
  • Allows multiple players.
  • Lag-free
  • Immersive levels.
  • Skin customization
  • Use the mouse to control the character.

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How To Play Vanis.Io

The gameplay is not very complex as it is the same as other game mechanics. Your role is to eat objects and increase in size. The more you eat, the bigger you get and dominate. However, you have to be careful about eating viruses. While it is okay to hunt for feeds, eating viruses will shred you into several little cells.

You can use your mouse to control your movements from one direction to the other. And then click on buttons to feed your cells. The spacebar is used for splitting. Press "G" if you want to double-split. Press "H" if you want to triple your split. "T" for Quad splitting. And then "Z" to make a Diagonal Linespit. To zoom in or out, use 1/2/ or 3.

Conclusion gameplay is simple yet intriguing and captivating; the graphics are also attractive. You can play the game with your friends or other online players.