is a physics game played online, where players compete with eight other players. Your main objective is to overthrow your enemies by shoving them into harmful objects, or better yet, you will also conquer them when you throw them off the map. Otherwise, you could watch as a spectator and enjoy it as players do it themselves. The last man standing is automatically the winner. is super intriguing and competitive; this multiplayer game combines shooting, physical mechanics, and platforming. All this is to create an enjoyable and unique experience. Gamers are to control a bouncing ball that moves around 2D environments, bump into fellow players, overcome obstacles, and shove them out of the map.

What's very thrilling about this game is that you can't guess what's coming up next. Perhaps you will discover yourself on a level full of multiple platforms or amidst countless bouncy trampolines. Often your surroundings will move in a circular motion; other times, they will be static. Additionally, you will come across valleys and hills, rotating and sliding doors, short gaps, and several other challenges.

Additionally, when playing online, remember that your goal is to stay alive and within the map's borders while you push every other contestant to their end. To achieve this, you need to utilize reality physics for your benefit, such as pressing WASD and the arrow, moving and jumping, holding the X icon, and pulling out the arrow with Z if you want to become heavy. You will experience an accelerating, kinetic energy and collision feel as you move and get to the top.

Although is majorly in the entertainment genre, the major attraction is sharing this experience with several other players and exploring various incredible levels loaded with unique gimmicks and fascinating designs. Just by playing a few rounds, you won't be able to let go!


Features of

  • Immersive and fast-paced matches for multiple players.
  • Active community online for over seven years
  • Customize maps for other players.
  • The movement key is the primary element in this game, allowing players to move their characters within matches.
  • Heavy Keys: this feature was included in the game in 2016, allowing players to become heavier to beat other players. This feature also limits the player's ability to utilize the movement keys. Ultimately, players can heighten their effectiveness by attacking them without using this key, just the Movement Keys.
  • Special key: this is an extra feature within a few game modes that enable players to perform a skill that is unique to the game mode to perform a specific task.
  • Visible map: it is the rectangular area of the game; it is visible in all modes.

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How to Play

Basics has a quick play feature that allows you to play straight away. You can move using the arrow keys, while the X key hardens your circle from pushing. Your mission is to push the other opponents out of the map or inflict them with so much destruction that they will explode.

You can attack your enemies with your jumps and gain weight when you hold the X key platforms objects. You will also get used to the game's mechanics as you advance. However, each level comes with different challenges. So keep watch and assess the problem quickly.


In, you can customize your circle (character)  however you choose and compete with three other players in the personalized maps. You can also customize your maps with the level editor.

Conclusion is recorded as one of the most Action filled games. This game works smoothly in modern browsers and requires no installation hassles. The game has been widely played by thousands of gamers and was rated 4.2/5.