Fly Or Die is a multiplayer game that is based on survival. If you can manage to avoid all the predators that are after your life, and eat food to make you bigger and able to protect yourself, then you will grow bigger and level up. You usually begin as a small fly, and you get bigger as you eat more food.

As you continue to evolve and level up, you will also be able to eat up other players. With each level you unlock, you can get access to eat more things and boost your protection with the aid of special abilities. You only have 2 choices in this game; you fly while getting bigger with food, or you die after eating.

In all of your searches for food, ensure to be on the lookout for food that can easily make you bigger and boost your growth faster. Also, remember that there are more natural enemies than you can think of. It will be up to you to be aware of the predators that could turn you into their snack in no time.

Your special ability can also help you protect yourself. Therefore, you should always check to make sure that it is available. It will help you in cases where you cannot easily escape and help you evolve faster.

There are 45 different animals and 8 stages of evolution that come with the levels you will have to access during the lengthy gameplay. You have a 50% probability of escaping the predators as a fly, so you must level up fast. Some of the animals you can become include- demons, cosmic entities, undead, and even mythical beasts.


What Features Make Fly Or Die Quite Popular?

  • Special abilities at different levels
  • Multiple biomes with different predators and prey
  • Interesting gameplay
  • The survival of the fittest mechanism of action

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Tips To Be A Pro At Fly Or Die

The entire game is based on survival of the fittest, and only the fit can survive the different terrains and predators that the game comes with.

Here are some tips that can help you be one of the top most players who would be one of the survivors in this game:

  • There are multiple biomes in Fly Or Die. So do well to explore a lot of them to get acquainted with what they stand for.
  • Try not to stay in one spot for so long and make use of the special abilities that you find.
  • You can hide in the clouds to protect yourself from being eaten.
  • Whenever you can, drink plenty of water, you will need it.
  • Don’t stop eating the prey you find. They contribute to your energy level during the game.

Let’s Sum It All Up

Fly Or Die is an adventure game that will keep you stuck in your seat for hours unending. It comes with amazing gameplay that revolves around who can survive the different obstacles and predators that the game comes with. If you are looking for a game that will completely take away your boredom whilst giving you interesting gameplay, then you have one with Fly Or Die. Do not forget to fly high into the clouds when you run out of options. It’s either that or you die, so fly.