is an epic, free, futuristic shooter game set in an enchanting space. The game was released in November 2016 and developed by leading developers, Neuronality. This sought game is available for play on the web browser, Android, Steam, and IOS platforms. is an addictive, fun multiplayer space shooter game. It tasks you to build a galaxy-worthy spaceship from a basic spaceship by collecting gems for yourself and sharing them with your teammates. To do this, you must defeat enemies and work closely with your teammates to ensure victory.

The game is set in team mode, survival mode, invasion, and pro-death match. While playing in team mode, you get to choose a crew to back you up from the three primary teams: Federation, Sovereign Trappist Colonies, and Orion Arm Guild.

To have a strong Starblast fund, you’ll need to collect diamonds by mining asteroids and destroying your opponent’s ships. To mine asteroids, shoot at rocks suitable for your ship’s strength.

Use collected gems to upgrade your ships or convert them into credits to buy additional weapons for your team. There are seven available ship tiers you can upgrade to, and they come with enhanced cargo capacities. Gems convert instantly into upgrades for shield capacity, shield regeneration, energy capacity, energy regeneration, laser damage, weapon speed, ship speed, and ship agility.


Features Of

  • Team-oriented game
  • Special effects compatible with every phone
  • Active and intense online game
  • Multiple game modes to choose from
  • Energizing upgrades to enhance gameplay

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Tips On How To Play The Game

  • Shoot down asteroids to mine gems and shoot down enemies to collect crystals. Use acquired gems to upgrade your ship, buy a new ship, or more lives for the ship you already own
  • As a small ship, try to escape head-on battles and mine resources until you are built enough to fight.
  • Always update your weapon collection to enhance your attack and defence.
  • Use the Arrow key to drive and LMB to shoot.
  • There is also a tutorial level to teach you all the basics of Starblast.IO.

Conclusion is an intriguing, fun, and fast-paced online space-themed game. It helps you connect with friends across the globe with a like mind and the same level of adrenaline rush to claim victory and prowess. The game is free and compatible with various devices and web services without restrictions.