is all about collecting food, moving fast, and crashing well. These three things are fundamental in becoming the winner of Exercise your skills and be the first on the leaderboard; you can secure your position to prove to others that you are the boss in this game. Let your movement be fluid as you follow the map and win more RPM — it accelerates your spinner rotation and helps you win the toughest.

There will be sudden skirmishes or deliberate attacks on the map by other players seeking to get your RPM, which arouses memorable feelings and dynamics from the game. offers the best thrills. It's also a mix of games like,, and spinner. io, and

New Features In That makes It so Interesting

  1. The visuals have been tremendously improved, and a menu has been added.
  2. You can now set up your controls as you prefer through the added setting page.
  3. Players can now choose high, medium, or low graphics on the setting page.
  4. The controls are now fixed and modified to look smart and cool.
  5.  The player names field is now fixed in the new version.
  6. The aspect of the player's name is fixed. And lots more have been implemented to offer you a wonderful experience.

More Features of

  • Pick up streaks and boost your speed spin
  • Clash other players so that you can receive more streaks.

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How To Play Spinz.Io

  • Direct your fidget spinner with a mouse cursor, then boost your speed with the left of the mouse button; this will consequently cost you some of your RPM.
  • Go around the map accumulating the colored globes to enhance your RPM, and also get rewarded with the enthralling fidget spinner and 1500 RPM.
  • Slam into your opponent to get rid of their RPM. Don't reduce the speed of their spin to zero unless they will die. If you smash a player or get smashed by another player moving 4× faster than you, you will instantly die too. Strategy

Whirlpools are randomly placed around the map, giving you a good boost when you use them. They are perfect for chasing down other spinners or are used to give yourself a brief checkout if someone is standing for you.

Conclusion is a fun and exciting game for everyone. The gameplay is super interesting, and the visual is simple yet immersive.