is a survival game played online and on the web with a multiplayer feature. was created by French programmers, two friends who go by the name LapaMauve. Players in the game take control of an avatar that resembles a human being and pursue survival and better weapons.

The primary goal of this game is to live and amass as many points as possible on the server. This can be done by gathering resources, taking out enemies and other gamers, and finishing objectives. After its release, the game gained popularity and now supports between 1000 and 2000 players concurrently across 30 servers.

Players must attempt to attend to their basic needs, including hunger, while navigating hostile gangs. While fighting them, create weapons to defend yourself from foes and other players. Finally, travel to several landmasses to find the best materials to create the most expensive game items. By selecting a mode and a server you like in the game, you could become the next best survivor.

The game world in is dynamic and undergoes seasonal and climatic variations. For example, the day becomes night, and autumn becomes winter. With such changes come new difficulties, like mobs that reflect the weather and temperature shifts that call for alternative survival techniques.

You can gain points by establishing yourself as the most well-known survivor in your area and using resources to further your main objective of survival at any cost.

In, one main gameplay mechanic is crafting, which contributes significantly to the game's appeal. To advance in the game and establish yourself as a champion, you can gather materials from various biomes and mineral deposits to make advanced weaponry, equipment, body armour, food, and constructions.

The manufacture of flour, an ingredient necessary to make food to survive, can likewise be automated by building agricultural facilities like windmills. Controlling the character is done by the player using the mouse (pad), WASD or the arrow keys, or optionally, the AZERTY type of keyboards.


Interesting Features Of Starve.Io

  • Multiplayer feature
  • Create your tools yourself
  • Interesting gaming environment
  • It is browser-based, meaning you can only access the game on your browser

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Tips On How To Play Starve.Io

When playing largely online and multiplayer-oriented games, you must have a good grasp of how the game is played, as you will constantly be coming in contact with really good players. Here are some tips for teaching you the basics.

  • Familiarize yourself with the controls, WASD to move upwards, to the left, to the right and downwards. Your Arrow keys would also suffice. Use the left key on your trackpad or mouse to take resources, craft your items and fight for survival.
  • Start by collecting enough wood for fires at night to keep warm through the cold. Next, you must craft your pickaxe to cut down trees and collect wood.
  • Get resourceful by collecting stones and wood for construction and the necessary equipment.
  • Collect and craft different seeds of different trees, and plant them, so you have enough food and don't go hungry.
  • Find and use hold and diamond resources to level up your tools.
  • Get acquainted with the map to find your needed resources faster and more easily.
  • Be wary of other players in the game, as they might want to kill you and take your resources.

Last Words

Survival games can be very good sources of thrill, action and entertainment. However, it also requires the use of good thinking skills. All you need to do is log on to a gaming site and start playing.