is the new survival io game that takes place in a broad field; with just a small blade in your hands and several attackers around; you are to protect yourself and hit the attacker's head. As you do this, the effect will increase the size of your blade. is a classic survival game that offers several tasks at the same time. Always remember that when playing this game, do not attempt to reveal your back to your opponent's blow. Another objective is to accumulate as much feed as you can so that you can grow the longest blade.

Destroying enemies is a precious source of nutrients. So many gamers are already familiar with this game type, but with a tiny difference in interpretation.

This is a new version of Except now players are armed with a more dangerous weapon rather than sausages. However, the funny-looking characters still have the same look.

In this game, you will take the post of a free swordsman in the unlocked version. So get ready to experience an epic battle against fellow swordsmen from around the globe. The game opens up in a broad field where everyone is expected to fight each other by swinging their blades for the crown.

Despite seemingly simple and familiar gameplay, players will always experience something new. You only have to combat on the field as a normal person or more like a newbie swinging a small blade. Your ability to conquer your opponent is limited if you've not upgraded. Therefore, you need to look through the map to get some colorful grains lying on the ground. The purpose of this grain is to help you grow your blade size, which will broaden your swing. Carefully swing your blade to conquer all enemies around you; simultaneously, you must shield yourself against their swings too severely.

You can also conquer your enemies using lightning speed. But achieving this requires acceleration. Unfortunately, the more you use acceleration, the smaller your blade gets. Thus, endeavor to use it carefully.


The more enemies you kill, your points will keep growing respectively.

You will also aim to become a champion so that other players will move out of the leaderboard and make way for the hero.

Now you have to aim high to be top on the board; this can happen when you score higher  —This will show that you are the greatest swordsman in Now it's time to have fun!

Features of

  • Awesome UI/UX
  • Recurve the blade to grow more invincible.
  • Blade with interactive controls.
  • Score point to open rewards
  • Difficult gameplay
  • Auto-match using global players.
  • Tons of heroes and blades to unlock.

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How To Play Bladez.Io

To become the champion in the game and the possessor of a giant blade, you must keep fighting with several other opponents who won't relent in hunting you.

Endeavor to pierce your opponent so that your rating increases and you will get more food.

It is pretty interesting that irrespective of the length of weapon each player has, they are all at the same level of vulnerability. Just one accurate blow can overthrow even the best-titled enemy.

With a long sword, you will only hunt, but it won't protect you from any attack coming from behind. 

Use the mouse to direct your swordsman as you swing your blade. Press the left mouse for acceleration.

Conclusion is indeed one of the most enthralling games. The dos and don'ts make players cautious about their decision and eventually play well. Would you like to become the next blade master among your friends? Then, welcome on board.

Pick your sword, find your way across this game to conquer your opponent, and collect more made.