Copter royale is an epic game where you would find yourself flying with a helicopter and battling with other players. It is an awesome game with 100 copters that would be used for flying. You need to maneuver around your opponents to be able to conquer your enemies. Ensure to gather as many upgrades as you can, shoot crates to get superpowers, and avoid the very toxic fog to come out on top.

As you battle with other players, ensure to destroy the helicopters of your rivals and do as much damage as possible to gather points for yourself. You also can make the helicopter better by upgrading the weapons it comes with. The weapons include snipers, fast shooters, grenades, and many others.

To be the king of the arena, you must consistently be at the top and conquer your opponents. In this game, you can unlock new skins, badges, emotes, trails, etc., as the base gameplay continues. All of these have the option to unlock them, well, all except the traits.

The traits are harder to unlock and usually take a long time into the game before anyone can unlock them. The longer you last in the game, the easier it becomes to unlock the traits when it finally appears. Some superpowers can help you to be more strategic with your gameplay.

With the right superpower, you will have the edge over your rivals. In this game, you need to be very alert because other players can easily crash into your copter if you are not vigilant enough to react. You can defend your copter with shield upgrades or buy yourself a strongly fortified base.


What Is So Spectacular About Copter Royale?

  • The superpowers it comes with make it easy to maneuver the base gameplay
  • You can unlock new skins, badges, emote, etc., as when due
  • The game will keep people stuck to their screen
  • The game allows for the use of a high level of critical thinking
  • The graphics used in the game is top notch

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Tips To Be A Top Copter Royale

As a top copter royale, you must be ready to take up challenges and think on your feet. Thus, you have to always be ready.

As a beginner or as an expert, below are a few tips that would be of help to you:

  • Fly over the items from the crate to pick them up and put them to use; what most other players call looting the crates
  • Always defend your copter by using shield upgrades, using a strongly fortified base, or building a wall.
  • Use the superpowers to the maximum to swap one power for the other
  • Keep watch on the fog. If your copter gets caught outside the border, there are only 10 seconds to escape
  • Keep crashing into copters, as this would help to boost your XP.

What Do We Think?

Copter royale is a game perfect for different populations and age groups. It doesn’t matter who is playing it, as it will surely give everyone a nice time as they engage with the game.