Super Mario Bros is commonly known as a good example of the representation of platform games. A platform game is a two-dimensional video game in which the gamer guides a character that jumps or climbs between fixed platforms located throughout the screen. In Super Mario Bros, Mario must rush through the Mushroom Kingdom to protect Princess Toadstool from the villain Bowser. Every level is navigated by Mario by jumping, running, and walking. Platforms, adversaries, and gaping holes abound in the realms.

The amount of "power-ups" Mario has in this game are numerous. He will grow large when he comes in contact with a white and red mushroom. The moment Mario is that big, he will not perish if he hits an enemy; he will, however, shrink. A fire flower emerges whenever Mario strikes a power-up question block while he is large. He'll be able to hurl fireballs at his foes, which will help him defeat them because of this fire flower. Mario will revert to little Mario if he is struck.

There are four levels in every world. Some levels are underwater, and some that are underground. When Mario is submerged, he cannot jump over any enemies, making him shrink or perish if he hits them. A castle is located on the fourth floor. At this castle level, Mario must deal with lava and other foes.

Bowser is there, who guards a lava pool at the level's finish. Bowser can be defeated by Mario using his fireball ability. He can also run underneath Bowser to reach an axe or jump over him. The bridge will be destroyed by touching the axe, and Bowser will be destroyed by falling into the lava.

Features That Keep Gamers Playing Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is an extremely popular game with fans and gamers worldwide. It was a staple in the 2-D game era and couldn't have been achieved without some of these features. Below is a couple of them:

  • Interesting and Iconic gameplay
  • Stunning 2-D graphics keep players immersed and intrigued with the gameplay.
  • Lots of interesting missions to keep players entertained and enthusiastic throughout their play.
  • Powerful power-ups to ease up the missions from time to time.
  • Improved Multiplayer moments
  • Different game modes to play and lots of worlds to explore.
  • Lots of Characters to choose from.

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Game Shortcuts and Controls For Super Mario Bros

Below are shortcuts to help play Super Mario Bros better and faster:

  • Press down left or right on the directional pad to make Mario move in your desired direction either left or right.
  • Tap the 'A' button to allow Mario to jump.
  • Press the 'B' button to allow Mario to hurl a fireball when that power is activated.
  • When Mario is in "Super Mario Mode", press down on the 'd-pad' so that he can duck
  • Pressing the left or right keys to move whilst pressing down the 'B' command allows Mario to move faster in whatever direction
  • For Mario to jump higher, press down the 'A' command
  • Mix up the fast run and higher jump commands to get a farther jump from Mario.

Final Opinions About Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is an excellent choice for you if you're looking for something a little retro or just an interesting platform game to pass the time with. Enjoy a mix of adventure and some elements of action with this game. All you need to do is download it on your Nintendo to get started.