If you are a game player and have come across major games along your game experience, you will be able to testify to the addicting feel of multiplayer games. Crazysteve.io is a multiplayer game that will take you into an alternate world where you lose track of time.

The game simply revolves around you moving around a map to obtain bombs that you will make use of in creating TNT that will help you blow up other players. There are also blue crystals that you will need to obtain to increase Steve’s size. Remember Minecraft? Yea, that Steve in Minecraft is the same one here.

This fun-filled multiplayer game allows you to carry up to 6 bombs at a time and throw them in any direction you desire. The winner of the blasting contest would show who is fully ready to represent Steve in his absence. To be Steve, you would need to think smart and critically in major parts of the game. This will help you to survive the crazy survival game that crazystev.io seems to be.

As you collect the bombs and the blue crystals, your points in the gameplay will invariably increase. The blue crystals also can help restore your health whilst you accumulate them. To destroy your rivals, dynamites, arrows, swords, fireballs, and many other weapons are scattered around to help you. The more you kill your rivals, you also get more points for yourself.

If you can beat others and become the top user, you will become more vulnerable to attacks, as your rivals want to do all they can to bring you down. This is where you become sharper and keep accumulating points so as not to lose your clinched position.


What Features Make Crazysteve.io Quite Popular?

  • The presence of Steve from Minecraft
  • The ability to make TNT and, of course, utilize critical thinking skills
  • The 2D pixel graphics are just perfect for this game
  • The minimap allows you to see the location of other players

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Tips To Be A Pro At Crazysteve.io

Except you are in the military or secret service, no one would expect you to have the usage of bombs all figured out.

Unfortunately, you would need that to survive in this online multiplayer game. However, below are tips that will be of help to you with or without the bomb skill:

  • This fast-paced game needs you to be exceptionally ruthless when meeting your rivals.
  • Make use of TNT, swords, bows, bombs, and other weapons scattered abroad at any time you need.
  • Make use of your mouse on your PC or desktop to move Steve about.
  • Use the left click to shoot and use the right button to speed up Steve’s actions
  • Don’t allow your rivals to get to you first. Be alert.

Final Thoughts

This fun-filled game is quite popular. It could be because Steve from Minecraft is a major part of the game. But that aside, it comes with beautiful gameplay and awesome features. As you can blast your way out of situations, it is best to remember that you can also be affected by your bombs. So be careful about how you deploy your TNTs, so you don’t get hurt like your rivals.