is a fantastic game and is one of the best io games out there. It can take you from reality and give you mind-blowing power as you have never seen before after you have succeeded in dominating the numerous lands in the game. With the right flying machine, you can be on a journey to conquer territories and acquire them for yourself.

It might look surreal until you start the game and see yourself being caught up in an unbelievable world. When the battle starts, all you need to do is get as much space as possible to dominate an area for yourself.

The unique mechanics of this game is completely different from other io games you might have engaged with in the past. This one shows that it is different from the regular and expresses that with all the features it comes with.

You will find yourself taking control of a helicopter and engaging in a fierce battle with other players. This battle would determine who would end up possessing each land where the battle is fought. Once you get a location for yourself, you must delineate it on the map. Then, you would need to fortify it with towers and walls.

The more lands you dominate for yourself, the more experience points (XP) you obtain. In the course of the fight, it is also necessary that you bring down the helicopters of competitors who might come in later to struggle for the land with you. This is no ordinary game, and when you engage with it, you will find it a very special online game.

What Features Make Interesting?

  • The helicopter models are as diverse as they are exceptional
  • You can modify the helicopter's colour
  • At level 20, you can unlock a major superpower
  • The lively gameplay and easy-to-understand game mechanism

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Tips And Tricks At

For such a wonderful game like this, it is surprising that you do not have to do too much to make it to the top.

The following will be of help to you as you continue with this exciting game:

  • Ensure to do all you can to increase your XPs. You can destroy enemies' towers, conquering new territories, etc.
  • Improve your player speed, bullet speed, reload speed, and bullet range. You can also build distance to help keep your fortress and towers protected.
  • Ensure that you utilize the superpowers that come with level 20 to help you be on top of your game.
  • The superpowers can enable you to boost your speed, clone yourself, shield yourself, and even teleport if need be. The more reason you have to make use of it.
  • Don't forget to build fortresses that you have been able to acquire for yourself.

What Do We think? is a cool game, and you will certainly get as much excitement as players of the game have been getting whenever they come in contact with it. This multiplayer game can enable you to acquire all the lands you might not be able to acquire in real life. Real life or not, you own an island, and that should matter yea? That's right. Now get ready to face the challenge of being a landowner and protecting what you own in this special online game.