is a multiplayer game where you must battle for survival amongst other rivals. In the world, horrible monsters, including yours, have to struggle for dominance. Each monster comes with its respective abilities and skills that it would use to show its relevance. Here, you would either be the prey or the hunter.

In this 3D game, you must do everything possible to survive. There are no limits to what you can do to make it happen. Once you begin the game, you will see yourself as a small monster, and in time to come, you will be able to grow and be as big as others when you eat them up. The more people you succeed in killing, the bigger you become and the higher the level you can attain.

When you become the biggest monster in a particular level, you will be able to come out as the biggest monster and the winner of that particular round. You will also be able to increase your speed at this level and unlock new monsters that you will fight to become the absolute winner of the game.

When you are still a small monster, it is best to avoid the bigger ones as it is very easy for them to eat you up, making you lose your spot on the leaderboard. Your goal should remain the last to leave the fighting arena after all is done. This dangerous game will test your courage, wit, and perseverance. Only the strongest will survive.

The only way to survive the critical environment you'll be exposed to is by winning. Do you have what it takes to unleash the monster and get a win? You will crash into many enemies; your role is to conquer them, not showing mercy to humans, weird creatures, or even weaker enemies. At the end of it all, you will be able to compete in the game's main arena if you're able to conquer the enemies beneath you.  You will win the round if you come out with the biggest monster after the highest level of the game round.


What Is So Spectacular About

  • It comes with 3D graphics that are very realistic
  • It comes with multiple levels to make the gameplay more interesting
  • The game is very challenging
  • The game comes with a variety of enemies
  • The game is engaging

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Tips To Be A Top Player

If you want to be among the top players of, then the following tips will be able to make you lead on the leaderboard:

  • Use the mouse to move across the map at angles that are befitting to where you want to go. Ensure to smash buildings, and kill guards and other players as you do this.
  • Take out players a level lower than you until you are the last man standing.
  • Use the money you earn from the different levels to get new skins that you can use at other times in the game
  • Always increase your speed in the arena, as it will help sustain you.
  • Ensure to go from slow to fast as you continue with the game. Starting slow and weak gives you an edge over others.

What Do We Think? is a very interesting and adventurous game. It is time to put your perseverance to the test and be the greatest monster there ever is.