This puzzle-themed game is made available by Great Arcade Games.

When you wake up after being abducted, you discover that you are imprisoned in a vibrant environment with rainbow-colored monsters. Only by solving puzzles and making it through five nights in this strange environment will you be able to escape. You must fulfill a unique assignment or chore five nights while evading the Rainbow Monsters.

The gameplay in Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK is exhilarating and dramatic as you progress through every level while attempting to survive. The images feature a spooky, horror aesthetic that heightens the tense and frightful atmosphere.

The bloodthirsty rainbow creatures will pursue you down. Make sure you outwit them and get away from this horror show. To survive, you must use everything at your disposal and be creative. Fortunately, players will receive awards that you may exchange for power-ups and new levels. This will make your journey easier as you try to leave this vibrant yet dangerous world.

Every game element, including the landscapes and rainbow monsters, is represented by straightforward but attractive graphics. You will observe your character moving with unparalleled ease through numerous spaces and surroundings.

Additionally, the controls are intuitive and slick. You may quickly become accustomed to the gameplay and engross yourself in this survival adventure. The audio systems will heighten the dread and suspense during gameplay. You'll be on edge as you attempt to escape the creatures' grasp due to their noises and the motions of your character.


Features of Survivor in Rainbow Monster That Makes It So Interesting

Survival games are quite common to come along; however, it takes certain special features to make one stand out. Below are some features that separate Survivor in Rainbow Master from other Survival games:

  • A wide variety of colourful monsters to defeat and play against
  • Exciting and challenging levels to conquer
  • Power-ups and special abilities to help you on your journey
  • The ability to compete with your friends and other players for high scores
  • Regular updates with new monsters, levels, and features

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Tutorial on how to play Survivor in Rainbow Monster

  • Pay attention to the different strengths and weaknesses of each monster. Some are better suited for certain levels than others.
  • Use power-ups wisely. They can give you a crucial edge in tough levels, but they won't last forever.
  • Try different strategies and approaches to each level. You may find that one method works better than another.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help from your friends or the Rainbow Monster community. There are always people willing to lend a hand.

Last Take

Survivor in Rainbow Monster is a fun and engaging horror game that will keep you coming back for more. With its colourful graphics, challenging levels, horror elements, and a wide variety of monsters, it's a game that has something for everyone. So play Survivor in Rainbow Monster today and start your journey through the colourful world of monsters!